SurvUp Linux Server Utility Buttons

SurvUp Server Task Bar Options

Quick start, stop, restart the Apache2, MySQL (MariaDB) and Webmin services or see service status with the click of a button. SurvUp is a utility script for easy activation/deactivation of web services installed locally within a GUI environment. Use SurveUp to improve system bootup times. Enable web services only when they are required. Use SurveUp … Read more

Free Ubuntu / Debian Linux Software Manager Script

Simple Linux software update, software management and system software repair tool program. When clicked, Softman will perform a system update then clear the apt cache. The command line arguments give you access to Softman’s more advanced features. Softman has 2 flavors: Installed Non Installed To install To  install Softman, download and run the .deb file … Read more

Scriptilitious – A Linux ScriptBox

Juicy Linux scripts for the mass automators

  If you need a few handy Bash scripts to do a few, what should be,simple tasks then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Scriptilitious, the Linux scriptbox. Scriptilitious is a plugin based Linux Bash script manager. The bash scripts included with Scriptilitious are: Auto Form Fill Auto Single Form Fill File Editor File … Read more