BASH: Filling Web Forms with cURL and wget

Oh gosh, another cURL and web form post! I couldn’t resist writing this one. While finding information on formfind I noticed an absence of direct help for people wishing to use it so I thought I’d fill the gap in the market. Questions this post answers: How do I fill out an online form without … Read more

Regular Expressions – A Quick Guide

Read it out loud: “Regular Expressions.” It chimes like the name of a horror movie Alfred Hitchcock would be proud to tag his name to. But it shouldn’t. Don’t be frightened by the name. It is, after all, only a name. Familiarize it. Shorten it to Regex or Regexp and give it a little hug … Read more

Text Manipulation FAQ

This is the FAQ for the article entitled Huge Text File, Need to Extract Specific Lines? Here’s How. Working examples and more detailed information for each of these commands is available through that link. All these commands work in the Linux terminal, some of them will work in the Windows command line. When using sed, … Read more