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We take our time to research our articles, we give our WordPress plugins away for free and share our experiences with you to hopefully save you time. We would be delighted if you help us to pay our server fees.

We place most our ads and offers in this page. We feel this is the least intrusive way to display ads and to empower you to help fund us. All ads are vetted. We display only ads and offers from ad networks and suppliers we trust.

Free Competitions

Competition Roulette. Where it goes nobody knows.

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Money off vouchers, prizes and cash rewards.

WordPress Plugins and Themes

Must have child theme for Genesis developers. Build a child theme with Dynamik then export the theme as a self-contained child. We use Dynamik to streamline Genesis child child theme development.

Dynamik Website Builder

GeneratePress is a modern lightweight SEO optimized theme. We switched JournalXtra to GeneratePress from Genesis. We noticed an immediate page load speed improvement and visitor traffic has risen gradually.

GeneratePress. The ultimate free WordPress theme with Pro addon.


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