Make a Useful WordPress 404 Page

Make a Useful 404 Page

The standard WordPress 404 page is next to useless. Like most 404 pages, the basic WordPress one shows a ‘Nothing found’ message and a search box. With a few quick tweaks we can make your 404 page useful, like ours. Requirements The requirements to make a custom 404 page in WordPress are simple: 404 Solution … Read more

Get List Post Data for WordPress Free {Plugin}

List Post Data Shortcode Data Boxes Repositioned

For those special days when you just need to know everything there is to know about every post type registered in a WordPress site. List Post Data is up to the job. This is the latest WordPress plugin from JournalXtra and WP Service Masters. List Post Data displays important and useful topographical info about all … Read more

Edit WordPress Page Source On-the-Fly with PHP

On-the-fly ways to use PHP to edit WordPress page source before it leaves the server. Both methods shown here change the page source code before the visitor receives it. None of these PHP methods permanently edit theme template files. None of these methods edit the database. Edits are made to the content output by WordPress … Read more