Restore the Window Title Bar to Opera 55 CSD

Opera Browser Logo

Opera 55 arrived with a bang last week. At least it made a lot of noise in the Linux world. The new Opera browser uses a CSD window style which means no window title bars and no window frame. Linux environments that rely on title bars for window control are a little screwed by Opera’s design … Read more

SurvUp Linux Server Utility Buttons

SurvUp Server Task Bar Options

Quick start, stop, restart the Apache2, MySQL (MariaDB) and Webmin services or see service status with the click of a button. SurvUp is a utility script for easy activation/deactivation of web services installed locally within a GUI environment. Use SurveUp to improve system bootup times. Enable web services only when they are required. Use SurveUp … Read more

Free Ubuntu / Debian Linux Software Manager Script

Simple Linux software update, software management and system software repair tool program. When clicked, Softman will perform a system update then clear the apt cache. The command line arguments give you access to Softman’s more advanced features. Softman has 2 flavors: Installed Non Installed To install To  install Softman, download and run the .deb file … Read more

Fix Ubuntu 16.10 Upgrade Boot Failure

Ubuntu 16:10 was released a few days ago. This release upgrades the Kernal to Linux Some of you might have been hit by a bug in the upgrade that stops system boot with a Kernal panic. I use Kubuntu. I was hit by the bug when I upgraded from 16:04 to 16:10. The fix … Read more