Navigate Linux by the Command Line

Linux command line screenshot

Sometimes, just sometimes when you use Linux as a home user you need to navigate Linux by the command line. As the Linux novice you are, you need a quick intro to Linux shell commands if you want to find files and edit documents in that scary black hole that looks like it is going … Read more

Getting Out of the Linux Shell

Plasma 4.11 Kubuntu Desktop

Getting into the Linux Shell is like diving into a black hole for new Linux users. Once in, it can seem impossible to get back out without going thermonuclear and restarting the computer. Here are a couple of ways you can get out of the Linux shell and back into your graphical desktop. This article … Read more

Getting Into the Linux Shell

Linux TTY Console Has Special Moo Powers

The place where commands are typed instead of clicked: The Linux Shell You will see it called shell, terminal, console, command-line, tty, tty session and many other things but, really, it is just a black screen with a text prompt that lets you run non graphical programs (scripts) by typing their name at the prompt … Read more