SurvUp Linux Server Utility Buttons

Quick start, stop, restart the Apache2, MySQL (MariaDB) and Webmin services or see service status with the click of a button.

SurvUp is a utility script for easy activation/deactivation of web services installed locally within a GUI environment.

  • Use SurveUp to improve system bootup times. Enable web services only when they are required.
  • Use SurveUp to reduce system resource usage. Disable web services when not required.
  • Use SurveUp to quickly check the status of server services.

Install SurveUp

    • Download SurvUp-Black.deb or SurvUp-White.deb from GitHub. The colour of the icons is the only difference between the two packages.
    • Click the package to install the utility.
    • Open your Task Launcher and browse to Utilities.
    • Right-click the SurvUp icon (looks like a server) and pin it to the Task Manager.

After installation, if your server is installed on a local machine and is not needed from boot, you might optionally configure Apache2, MySQL and Webmin to not start at boot time.

To Use SurveUp

  • Left-click the application icon to start/stop the Apache2, MySQL and Webmin services. Active services will stop, inactive services will start.
  • Right-click the application icon to select a specific service action: start, stop, restart, status.
SurvUp Server Task Bar Options
SurvUp Server Utility Task Bar Options

Command Line Use

Run as SurvUp or as SurvUp start|stop|restart|about

Home Build

Rebuild the package with different icons or extra features. Edit the files in SurvUp-Black or SurvUp-White and build the installer with dpkg-deb -b SurvUp-Black or dpkg-deb -b SurvUp-White, respectively.

The debian SurvUp package template was created with the help of softman package utility.




First public release

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