Get Ready for WordPress 3.4 – It’s Beyond Awesome!

You will love it. It’s faster. It’s easier to use. It has all the power it had before and a lot more. I’ve been testing it and I like it.

WordPress 3.4 is billed for release next week and it looks great. We already have oEmbed. You know what that is, right? The thing that lets us embed YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare directly into a post just by copying the page URL into the page where we want it to display. No complicated 3000 line embed codes required. Well now it works for Twitter too!

Yep, magic, I know. It’s just awesome how WP has evolved.

Just when you think it can’t get better… It does! The new Twitter oEmbed for WordPress has action links. You can embed your tweets directly into a post and readers can reply, favorite and retweet them without ever leaving your page. How useful will that be for getting your posts retweeted.

I can’t wait for a plugin autotweets new posts and embeds the tweet directly in the post ready for retweets and replies.

What’s next in this little box of WP magic?

Think headers and theme tweaks from the WP dashboard with live previews.

You’ll still need a developer like me if you want extra widgets, sidebars and custom post templates but styling your theme just got a little bit easier with WordPress theme customizations.

Some themes will support customization more than  others. Most themes will support the basics like custom logo header sizes, background images and background colors.

The realtime preview is really handy. No more page refreshes between theme tweaks.

I’ve played with WP 3.4 for a few days on one of my test domains. I love it. I know you’re going to love it too.

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