Responsive Font Sizing for WordPress

Introducing FlowType.JS WP, the WordPress plugin that automagically resizes fonts for different browser viewports.

This is a lightweight plugin. The plugin  enqueues FlowType.JS into WordPress so that page text can be configured to shrink or grow to fit the width of the parent container that holds the text.

The plugin can be downloaded from GitHub. Install the WP plugin and edit the plugin’s index.php file to configure the HTML selectors that the plugin needs to target.

The options have been placed into index.php to help keep the plugin as simple as possible. If you want your configurations to survive plugin updates (if there are any to come, that is) then move the options from index.php to your theme’s function.php script.

What does FlowType.JS WP do?

Lines of text on a page can get too long to read or too short to look nice on the page. FlowType uses jQuery to scale font size to comfortably fit any container that holds text.

Advice Note

Any attempt to automatically resize all text in a WordPress template could get time consuming. Very time consuming. We advise that you use this WordPress plugin to target text in specific HTML containers only e.g: the nav bar, the footer or the sidebar.


This is a very early implementation of FlowType as a WordPress plugin. The target audience are web developers and those who enjoy playing with settings.


Please comment below here to tell us the settings you use for FlowType with yout theme. Tell us the theme name then tell us your settings.

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