Responsive Font Sizing for WordPress

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WordPress Easy Fancybox Shortcodes Plugin

Easy FancyBox is a WordPress plugin that integrates the FancyBox lightbox script into WordPress. Easy FancyBox has no shortcodes and requires WP site admins to write HTML code when they want to add inline pop-ups that open with button or link clicks. I thought that was a bit complicated for most users so I wrote … Read more

DoubleClick Timestamper Plugin for WordPress

DoubleClick affiliate links need to have the Unix Epoch timestamp in the ord=[[timestamp]] query string. This WordPress plugin creates a [[timestamp]] shortcode which outputs the timestamp wherever the shortcode is placed. So now you can easily insert timestamps into Double Click affiliate links. With the timestamp shortcode placed after the “ord=” part of the affiliate … Read more

WordPress PHP Shell and File Browser Plugins

PHP Shell 2.4 for WordPress

We’ve all suffered it. At some point in a developer’s career there will be a day when everything goes tits-up, a site comes crashing down and the site owner isn’t around to give FTP access or full server access. Sometimes, all we need is command line access 99 times out of a hundred, I won’t … Read more