Get List Post Data for WordPress Free {Plugin}

For those special days when you just need to know everything there is to know about every post type registered in a WordPress site. List Post Data is up to the job. This is the latest WordPress plugin from JournalXtra and WP Service Masters.

List Post Data displays important and useful topographical info about all registered post types. This plugin is what the At a Glance dashboard widget wanted to be and would have been had it put in the effort to be useful.

The world’s best screenshots of List Post Data are in the gallery below.

What List Post Data does

When a post type is created in WordPress it is registered with settings that tell WordPress how the post type can be used by WordPress and where the post type can or will be displayed by WordPress. This is true for built-in post types and custom post types.

The settings registered for each post type are retrieved by List Post Data (LPD) and are shown in an admin dashboard widget and any page or post that includes the LPD shortcode.

Data retrieved for each post type is shown in a summary table that includes

  • each post type’s registered display settings
  • text labels
  • post type name (the internal handle)
  • basic REST API info
  • a count of the post type’s posts by status such as publish, future, pending and draft
  • features supported by the post type
  • taxonomies registered for the post type

In-depth information about each post type is shown in a data box. This data box displays when summary information is hovered over or tapped. The data boxes can be dragged around the screen, which is useful when two or more post types need to be compared or the data box width expanded.

The post data table is nicely presented and easy to read. Useful for bloggers who want to know The Numbers for their posts. Useful for WordPress developers who want to extend post types, analyse a site’s history or re-enable an old post type for data retrieval and clean up.

The images in the gallery show how the post type data information is presented.

Want more features?

Tell us what features you want to see in List Post Data and we might add them to the plugin.

Plugin development takes time. We appreciate all donations.

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