Social Warfare. Win The Battle. Win the Shares

A month ago a new customer introduced me to Social Warfare. No, this isn’t a type of fight club where abducted bloggers are taken to and forced to smack each other about until only one survivor exists, though that would be fun to watch. This is a WordPress social sharing plugin. Update March 2019: We … Read more

Fix Genesis 2.4.0 Update Redirection Loop

Genesis 2.4

The upgrade to Genesis 2.4.0 causes some sites to enter into a redirection loop that prevents access to the admin pages. There is a simple fix that takes less than 5 minutes to implement. The Upgrade Problem After upgrade to Genesis 2.4.0 you find the dashboard is inaccessible because of a redirect loop. The page … Read more

How to Fix Missing wp_termmeta Table in WordPress

Fix Missing Term Meta Data Table WordPress Database Error

If you use WordPress 4.4.x and suffer unexpected missing pages or see the White Screen of Death when you save plugin settings then you are affected by this bug. The wp_termmeta table was introduced in WordPress 4.4. Many sites failed to install the table on upgrade. This is how to install the missing table.

Quick Rant on the Plugins are Bad Myth

Plugins are Bad Myth Busting Rant

Not one developer who is active in the WordPress community lives a day without reading and hearing remarks from WordPress users and web developers who heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who got it on good authority that “Plugins are bad. They make WordPress slow”. These are the same wannabe WordPress … Read more