Shhhh!!!! WordPress, Don’t Shout About your Break-in Then

Just in case you missed it, because I did, had a security breech this week. Several plugins were updated by a hacker (or hackers) who installed backdoor exploits into AddThis, WPTouch and W3 Total Cache that may have compromised self-hosted WordPress websites. The official statement posted by Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress) at … Read more

Mass Edit WordPress Posts with Regular Expressions

Picture this: you have a thousand posts in your blog and some maliciously minded individual (not my first choice of words) comes along, sticks his digital hatchet into your database and hacks away at it until every post is filled with spam links to Viagra stores. Just as you think things can’t get any worse, they just did: you’ve written 30 posts since your last database backup!

What do you do?

Is there a quick way to get rid of all that lovely free Viagra advertising you’re giving away?

Along Comes Search Regex

Search Regex is the search and replace plugin I use most. It allows a WordPress database to be scanned for specific words and phrases which can then be replaced or deleted. There is no need to physically browse a site’s database because everything can be done from its WordPress admin panel (a picture of that follows in a few paragraphs).

In technical lingo, those words and phrases…

AddThis Service Code List

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Give Your Site a Social Face :)

This isn’t about adding your site to social networks. That’s important, granted, but it’s not the only thing you need to do when sharing your site around the web. This is about giving your site a good old thumbnail to inspire people to click it’s Facebook shares and Diggs. Many social bookmarking sites and social … Read more

Security Alert: WordPress Multi Site Hacker

Please be aware that the IP addresses listed below are being used to hack into WordPress Multi Sites. The person or bot behind the hacks adds a user to the site’s admin then changes the network’s setting to permit site and user registrations.

One of my mostly up to date and secure WordPress MS blogs was recently hacked. I advise all WordPress MS users to update their sites and to block the following IP addresses from accessing them:


The IPs may be blocked by adding the following lines to your .htaccess file:

WordPress Security Tips

Anyone who is determined to hack into a WordPress site will always find a way in. The more secure the site is, the greater the challenge to hack it, and the more determined the hacker desires to undress it. The 4 key factors of any security bolstering plans for a WordPress site are: Pre-Installation Installation … Read more