Jetpack Takes WordPress Stats into its Fold

As you might have noticed if you updated your WordPress plugins today, WordPress Stats has been added to the Jetpack. All future updates to WordPress Stats will now be done through Jetpack.

To update from WordPress Stats to Jetpack Stats,

  1. Install Jetpack (do not yet click Authorize)
  2. Deactivate the WordPress Stats plugin
  3. Authorizing Jetpack to connect with
  4. Delete the old WordPress Stats plugin.
  5. Make sure the Jetpack Stats module is active.

If you’re using multisite you will need to authorize Jetpack to connect to on a site-by-site basis.

Glorious Jetpack errors

Jetpack might hit you with a couple of errors when you try to connect it with For example…

Your Jetpack has a glitch. Something went wrong that’s never supposed to happen. Guess you’re just lucky: site_lang_missing
Try connecting again.

Error Details: The required "site_lang" parameter is missing.

The xml_rpc-32700 error can be caused by a caching plugin. If you have W3 Total Cache installed or something similar then disable it before retrying to authorize Jetpack. I’ve had a lot of problems with W3 Total Cache in the past so recently changed over to Quick Cache which seems to work well.

The site_lang_missing error is caused by interference from other plugins installed in your site. The clashing plugin either prevents Jetpack from correctly determining the language of your site or it prevents WordPress from correctly announcing the site’s language to plugins that are being installed. To solve the site_lang_missing error, try one of these solutions:

  1. Set the site language in Settings > General, or
  2. Edit wp-config to specify the site’s language. Change the line that reads “define (‘WPLANG’, );” to something similar to “define (‘WPLANG’, ‘en‘);”. Replace “en” with whatever your site’s language code happens to be e.g “es” for Spanish.
  3. If those solutions don’t work you will need to temporarily disable all plugins then re-enable Jetpack and authorize it to connect with before re-enabling the plugins one-by-one.

On the subject of WP stats plugins

If you need a stats plugin with a more power than Jetpack stats, try StatPress Visitors. This records the following info about visitors

  • Referring sites
  • Search engine keywords that lead a visitor to a page
  • All the pages a visitor views once on your site
  • The link clicked to leave your site, and
  • It monitors visitor history by IP

All stats are neatly presented in easy to navigate dashboard pages. Those pages include:

  • Yesterday
  • Visitor Spy
  • Bot Spy
  • Visitors
  • Views
  • Feeds
  • Referrer
  • Statistics.

Get it here for free ( The developer’s homepage is here.

Over to you…

What do you think to WordPress Stats? Was it a good idea to combine it with Jetpack? Have your shout and tell tell the world.

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I tried the solution to “site_lang_missing” but it didn’t work, althought I tried Spanish. Any other ideas? Cheers

Use an FTP program or your hosts file manager to browse your site’s directory to wp-content/plugins/jetpack/languages/. This directory is where Jetpack stores its translation files. Now follow the instructions for Kau Boy’s Backend Localization plugin but select an alternative language to Spanish or English. Another option is to explicitly set a language for WordPress. Browse the directory that contains all of files used by WordPress. Edit wp-config.php to change the bit that reads/** * WordPress Localized Language, defaults to English. * * Change this to localize WordPress. A corresponding MO file for the chosen * language must be installed to… Read more »

To keep other readers up-to-date, we solved this by disabling all plugins then re-enabling Jetpack before authorizing it to connect with WordPress and re-enabling the remaining disabled plugins. You can view our communication at WordPress by clicking here.

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For those using self hosted wordpress on nginx and varnish backend, here’s a solution to the xml rpc 32700 Jetpack glitch: