How to Embed Documents into WordPress

Embedding documents into websites is super easy with Google docs. No Google account needed. No API key needed. Just follow the link to the tool:

Once there, paste the URL of the file you want to embed into the Document URL field and press Generate. Copy the embed code into your page.

This works for WordPress too!

  • Upload the doc to be embedded with the WordPress Media Uploader (Media > Add New)
  • Edit the uploaded media so you can grab its URL
  • Visit
  • Paste the media’s ULR into the the Document URL field
  • Press Generate
  • Copy the embed code (it’s an iFrame)
  • Paste the code into a WordPress widget, page or post. Use the text editor instead of the visual editor when pasting HTML into a page or post.

And that’s how to embed documents into webpages. Works with Word docs, spreadsheets, PDFs and any other file type supported by Google Drive/Docs.

Does it get any easier?


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