Final Reminder Before Cobalt Apps Pricing & Licensing Changes

Update: The date for grabbing an unlimited license has been extended until “May 29th at 9am EDT“. In Eric’s own words:

“[for] the next 24 hours, until May 29th at 9am EDT, you’ll have one final chance to purchase Dynamik Website Builder and/or Genesis Extender Plugin at the current pricing structure, receiving an “Unlimited” license key in the process.”

I already have Dynamik. Today I thought, what the hell, I’ll get Genesis Extender too.

Get this deal. You will not regret it.

Original Article

The pricing and licensing structure for the Dynamik child theme for Genesis is changing tonight. The new license removes the unlimited installation allowance.

Genesis is the WordPress theme framework from StudioPress. The most highly configurable child theme for Genesis is the Dynamik Child Theme by Cobalt Apps. Both are well respected products within the WordPress world.

Beat the changes

The new prices and license for Dynamik affect new buyers only.

You can still get in and beat the changes by buying the Dynamik Website Builder now. You have to get it before the end of today or you will miss out.

Here is the full email from Eric Hamm, owner of Cobalt Apps:

Final Reminder Before Cobalt Apps Pricing/Licensing Changes

I just wanted to let you know that there are about 24 hours remaining to take advantage of the “Unlimited” license key that will be given to all who purchase before 9am EDT on the 27th of May (i.e.. tomorrow morning EDT).

So if you still have not purchased either Dynamik Website Builder or Genesis Extender Plugin and would like to own a key for that product that gives you Unlimited activations with no yearly renewals necessary then now is the time to head over to and make your purchase.

Purchase Dynamik Website Builder HERE.

Purchase Genesis Extender Plugin HERE.

And of course if you’ve already made your purchases from us at any point before May 27th at 9am EDT then you’re good to go. I just wanted to make sure that all who had not done so would have the opportunity before we “flip the switch”.

And if you don’t own both products and are still not sure if you’ll ever need the one you don’t yet own you may want to check out the following page that helps clear up any confusion regarding Dynamik and Extender:

Dynamik Website Builder vs. Genesis Extender

The next time you hear from us we should be in the process of assigning “Unlimited” keys, flipping the switch over to the new pricing structure, and moving on to the next chapter for Cobalt Apps.

We’re very excited about the direction were headed in and are glad you are all on board. The response from the initial “price change” announcement was nothing less that positive and supportive and we expected nothing else from our awesome community of members.

Unlit then…

Eric Hamm

I use both Genesis and Dynamik. I recommend both. The links above are affiliate links, I make money through them. I only recommend products I use myself. If I didn’t feel strongly about them, I wouldn’t recommend them.

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