How to Center the Genesis Theme Logo Image

The Genesis theme usually places the header image to the left side of the page. You can center it with a quick snippet of CSS.

Center your theme logo header image by putting this CSS in your child theme’s style.css file:

/** Center the header image */
#header {
  background-position: top center;

If you want to place the CSS in the Genesis settings panel go to Genesis > Theme Settings and add the CSS in the box below where the text Enter scripts or code you would like output to wp_head():

You would add the CSS like so:

<style type="text/css">
/** Center the header image */
#header {
  background-position: top center;

Put the CSS in either the style.css file or the theme settings but not in both.

Want to turn the title into a clickable link that spans across the full width and height of your header? Add this to your CSS:

.site-title {

.site-title a {


Some Genesis themes, like Dynamik, require a slightly different method.

First, remove support for the header right widget area by placing this snippet into your child theme’s functions.php file:

//* Remove the header right widget area
unregister_sidebar( 'header-right' );

Next, use the following CSS to center the logo image:

.site-title {
    background-position: center center!important;

All done!

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Hello Lee, thank you very much for your advice and code – it worked really well for me. Much appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Hi Lee,
I have tried this code and another one I found on the dynamik forum but my logo stays on the left. Unfortunately I’m on local. But can you think of something I am missing?? I cannot see why it’s nor working since I’m at the beginning of my customizations and haven’t touch something else elsewhere..

I have tried each of these and am not having any luck centering my logo. I have the Genesis sample theme. I’ve posted this in the Studio Press forums, but I haven’t had any responses. Any help is greatly appreciated! I’m a newbie, so I need stuff spelled out, fyi.

Thanks so much…

Using float and text-align center, or background position top center, was working for the site title / logo… but wasn’t for the header right widget area.

Your update section’s CSS did the trick for the widget. Again, thanks so much!

I found your post looking to do a split centered menu logo for this site I’m developing (using news pro) like the modern studio pro theme – – I’ve read and tried a few suggestions I found in the studio press community, however, it was not viable…suggestions? TIA!