Technorati Blog Claim Registration

This post is just to enable me to register JournalXtra with Technorati.

If you wish to do the same for your own blog you will need to go to, register a user account, register your blog then add the claim code Technorati emails to you into a new blog post – adding it to an old post will not work because the technorati bot reads the site’s RSS feed, not the homepage.

You might wonder why I don’t just ping Technorati like a lot of other webmasters do; well, Technorati haven’t accepted pings for a long time and (blush, blush) I’ve only just noticed. Technorati accepts RSS feeds only.

When you do register your site with Technorati, remember to put your registration code in your RSS feed. WordPress users must ensure the code is in the “Excerpts” box of their post or it won’t make it into the feed – whatever is in the excerpts box is published in the feed. Don’t forget to add HTML markup if you want your post layout to format properly in your feed.

And this little claim code is for my Technorati registration: J2CAMGVU52EP

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