How to Check For Dead Links

There are a few simple and lazy ways to check for dead links. The methods to use depend on whether you want to check a list of links in a text file or you want to check for dead links within a website. We all know that checking for dead links manually by clicking each one of them is a very long and boring task. Thankfully I have found – after a very long search – a few incredibly handy URL checking scripts.

No more dead links
Banish those dead link checking struggle to the past

This short guide is split into two parts:

  1. Checking for Dead Links Within a Website
  2. Checking Links from a Text File

Finding dead links is an easy task with help from the tools described here. I’ve provided a brief usage guide to the desktop program Dead Link Checker (DLC) which checks the validity of links stored in a text file (example output files provided).

The next two pages explain a little more about the options available for checking the validity of URLs listed in either a web site or a text file. Two free downloads are available directly through JournalXtra, they are

[wpdm_file id=”8″]

[wpdm_file id=”6″]

Other link and URL validity checking downloads are linked to over the next few pages.

The support pages for Dead Link checker are available here

The support page for Scriptilitious is here

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Ironic. Links are dead.

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