The LazyGuide to Finding Hot, Current Search Terms and Key Words

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Many people jump into the webmasters pond thinking it is an easy way to earn money. If only they knew how much work is involved they would not suffer the embarrassment of flying back out of it carrying a very deranged mind.

When I first started out I knew there would be work involved but I never guessed I would dig in to so much research. Nearly every article I write has to be researched for accuracy; and as subjects change popularity from minute-to-minute so people search for different subjects with ever changing search terms from minute-to-minute hence keyword research is as important as any other content of any article. Often one finds a subject, fact finds for it then researches related current search terms to structure the article around.

A lot of webmasters find their keywords by trial and error. They find a subject then use a dictionary and thesaurus to locate words that might relate to it, some just guess a few keywords, and the slightly more organized use online tools to analyze the sites of their competitors and copy their keywords. They are good methods to assess keywords but they take a lot of valuable time. Wouldn’t it be better if we could locate keywords as people search for them? In realtime or as near to realtime as possible? I don’t need to see you nodding to know your answer: yes it would, it would make it so much easier to locate words that are being entered into search engines.

Just for you, here’s a LazyGuide to finding hot, current search terms and keywords.

Each of the websites noted below lists the current search terms and keywords that are being entered into search engines. Some of them compile weekly reports of the previous week’s or month’s search words and some list search words in real time. Have fun as you research the hotwords that will get you articles noticed by search engines and returned in search results.

Realtime Search Term Lists (or near realtime)

  • Google Trends – current hotwords and phrases used as search terms in Google

Non-Realtime Search Term Lists (compiled weekly)

  • – Spy the weeks top 250 searches of

General Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Zeitgeist – Google’s tools to help webmasters find search terms and compare their usage trends

Historical Search Research

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