Ever visited a website that just made you say “Wow!”?

What exactly did that webmaster do to capture your attention and create such a captivating website?

Many great webmasters all possess the same qualities when they create websites:

First, consistency is a must. Make sure your design remains constant throughout. Try to use the same headers, fonts, images, backgrounds, music, etc. throughout the webpage so everything is already stored on the visitor’s hard drive and the pages load faster.

Second, constantly update content. Freshness is always a problem with websites. Lazy webmasters rarely update content and lose regular visitors because they become bored with the current content.

Third, create a clear and understandable structure. Be sure to include a navigation system that lets visitors navigate properly. A link to the home page should always be visible. The navigation menu should be clearly labeled and the sub-pages to the site should be created in an organized fashion. For example, if you sell a series of e-books then add a page to your navigation that lists all the e-books you sell, their price, an image, and a link to another page for each single book.

Fourth, try automated content creators. Many sites offer RSS feeds that will automatically post articles and fresh content to your site to keep visitors returning each and every day. If you must, outsource the job of installing RSS feeds to your website, or even outsource the creation of new content. Sites like Getafreelancer.com and Scriptlance.com would help you in this process.

Finally, make your site international. The more internet users you appeal to, the more profits and traffic your site will generate. Try to use technical language and avoid long, drawn out descriptions. Use obvious, universal graphics where appropriate and also be sure to use operational diagrams as well. Also, outsource the translation of your site and create a splash page offering your site in many different languages to appeal to all your visitors.

All the ideas mentioned above are employed by the best webmasters you can find. They are the building blocks to creating a fun, profitable and popular website.

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