9 Things to do Before, During and After Building Your Website

So you’ve seen thousands of websites and now you want to put your creativity to work and turn it to profit by making your own but you’re not sure how to get started.  Rest easily, you’ve come to the right place to learn the basics of setting up a website, writing or obtaining content, placing ads onto your website and promoting it to the surfing public. I’ll tell you the truth: you might make some money, if you’re dedicated; and you’ll make a lot more money from your website if you follow the tips I am about to share with you here and if you expand on those tips by taking advice from other webmasters as well.

A few tips for new webmasters
Will you be the next master webmaster

There are over 100 million registered domain names. If you don’t believe me you can take a look at  ZookNic to find out the exact number. Every one of those domain names will compete against your domain name for the attention of the millions of Internet surfers who are just looking for somewhere to spend their money. And if you want to kill your competition you must starve them of their surfer traffic. As a new webmaster you have a bit of work to do to make your website attractive enough to change the habits of all those credit card carrying surfers and make them want to visit your site.

Don’t worry, because once your website is published you will already have beaten around 50% of your competition just because so many of all registered domain names are either unused, unadvertised to the general public or are owned by cybersquatters who point their domains to holding pages.

To help you  on your way to webmaster stardom, here are 10 considerations you need to think about as you get your website started:

  1. Time
  2. Your Idea
  3. Money
  4. Domain Name
  5. Server Space
  6. Visitors
  7. Sponsors (the easy bit)
  8. A Little Bit of Knowledge
  9. Useful Resources

Each consideration is talked about on the next few advice packed pages. By the end of this article you will know enough to get started and to keep going for a lifetime of fulfilling Internet achievement.

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