Signed TLS/SSL to be Free by Summer 2015

Signed SSL certificates to be free for all in 2015

TLS SSL will be issued free to all web masters by Summer 2015. The certificates will be issued by Let’s Encrypt will be overseen by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) and supported by Cisco systems, Mozilla, EFF and other tech titans.

How to Replace MySQL with MariaDB in Ubuntu Server

Replace MySQL with MariaDB in an active server

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to try MariaDB on an Ubuntu server. What a mistake! The MariaDB installation screwed up. Took 4 hours to fix my server but I did eventually get MariaDB installed in Ubuntu, yay! My home server used Apache2, MySQL and PHP, all managed with Webmin and … Read more

How to Use phpMyAdmin to Copy a Database

phpMyAdmin Logo

phpMyAdmin is the database management panel installed in many web host packages, especially host services that use cPanel. It is free to use and free to install and can even be installed separately of the server package provided by a hosting company. Not all phpMyAdmin features are enabled on all host environments. One feature that … Read more

Q: How Should a Blog Post be Written?

A: However you want to write it. It’s your blog post. I’m asked this question by most learners during WordPress orientation sessions. There is no right or wrong way. Just write. Forget the SEO elements. Good optimization is important but it’s no good at all if your keyword and longtail phrase research gets in the … Read more