Claim Your Website’s Google Assistant Directory Page

Google Assistant Logo

Google launched a new Google Assistant Directory recently. This directory helps people find things and do things with Google Assistant. This week Google began sending website owners an email that requests they claim their Directory Pages. Improve discovery of your Super Duper Website content in the Google Assistant To owner of superduperwebsite, Google Assistant helps … Read more

Update to SSL Now or Lose Google Traffic in 2017

Google and other tech titans are pushing for SSL/TLS to be the default connection protocol used by websites. Google already ranks sites higher when they use HTTPS over those sites that do not use HTTPS. 2017 is the year all web masters will be pushed to use HTTPS. In 2017 Google Chrome and other web … Read more

Free SEO Tool to Help with Keyword Discovery and Assessment

Keywords Everywhere free SEO extension for Chrome and Firefox

There is a useful browser extension called Keywords Everywhere. Discovered it recently. After you install the plugin whenever you google a word or phrase you will see the monthly search volume for that keyword or phrase displayed below the search bar and alongside the related search terms displayed at the bottom of the page below … Read more

What is best for WordPress SEO and OpenGraph?

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugins and Options

On a quest to find the ultimate of WordPress SEO plugins. The King of kings, the Shahanshah, the Emperor of Emperors of the WP world of SEO plugins. This has been a long quest and I need your help to complete it. I need a plugin that handles both search engine optimization (SEO) and social … Read more

SEO Tips: Everything I’ve Learned Over The years

I’ve learned, forgotten and thrown out more SEO tips over the past 5 years than I care to remember. Search engine algorithms change so fast it’s hard to keep up. Google’s algorithms have changed so much the past year that I feel like I’m doing the tango with it; and not always without treading on … Read more