Expose Yourself to Everybody…. Press Release Secrets

One sure fire way of getting backlinks to your site quickly and easily for little work is to submit a pres release.

Issuing a press release is a valuable way of advertising your business, website, event or whatever to the world. There are countless websites that specialize in press release syndication to search engines, news editors and interested websites and readers.

With a few submissions, not only will you free backlinks to your website, you will also increase your chance of getting your exposure to popular newspapers, magazines and websites.

But there is a catch. You can’t just run off and write a press release like you would write a blog post, letter or advertisement.

Press Release Writing Guidance Notes

A press release is a news announcement written from the third person perspective. Do not write “I would like to tell you about my new company…” Instead, write “ACME Company wishes to tell the world about its new magic hole stickers”.

A press release seeks to draw attention to your company and its products or services. If you have newsworthy information about your product, service, website or company, issue a press release to publicize it and build credibility through media endorsement.

Follow these steps to attract favorable media attention. The better your press release is written and formatted, the more it will be successful.

  1. Make sure the information is newsworthy. Give the media a story, not an advertisement.
  2. Keep it factual, non-technical and friendly.
  3. Use a catchy headline that sums up your entire story. People will go on reading if the headline grabs them. Write it in bold letters.
  4. Your first paragraph is important, ensure it is interesting. Keep it brief – one or two sentences that describe and introduce what you will say in the second paragraph.
  5. Provide the main information in the second paragraph – who, what, when, where and why.
  6. The final part of your press release should include supporting facts, examples and quotes where applicable.
  7. The final paragraph should summarize the content of the press release
  8. Avoid excessive use of adult jargon and exaggerations. Sentences like “the best affiliate program in the world” will hurt its credibility.
  9. If you want to use an exclamation point, use just one! Not several!!!
  10. Don’t write a long press release. One page is enough.
  11. Provide as much contact information as possible: your name, phone, fax, email, ICQ number, website address, etc.

Composition Method Tips

  1. Write the content of your press release first.
  2. write the introductory sentence/paragraph second.
  3. Write the summary third.
  4. Write the headline fourth.
  5. Lastly, organize it into the standard press release format.

Standard Press Release Format

  1. Write the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at its top left hand side
  2. Two empty lines
  3. Bold title
  4. Empty Line
  5. Dateline – write in the date and as much contact information as possible, include the location of the release (office address)
  6. three empty lines
  7. Introductory paragraph – say what you mean to say
  8. Main content – say it
  9. Summary paragraph – say what you just said
  10. Two or three empty lines
  11. Show the press release has ended by writing “###”

After submission, your press release will be reviewed to make sure it meets content requirements. If your press release contains grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, it is likely to be rejected.

Press Release Sites

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