Free SEO Tool to Help with Keyword Discovery and Assessment

There is a useful browser extension called Keywords Everywhere. Discovered it recently. After you install the plugin whenever you google a word or phrase you will see the monthly search volume for that keyword or phrase displayed below the search bar and alongside the related search terms displayed at the bottom of the page below the search results.

See keyword search volume in search results
See keyword search volume and CPC costs directly in search results

The extension works with 8 sites to show search term volume and CPC costs. The free keyword research sites and keyword suggestion tools I like are

Use to assess the link anchor terms used in competitor sites.

Go to to install the SEO extension into Chrome or Firefox. The full list of currently supported sites is shown on the homepage.

You will need an API key to use this free keyword browser extension. The API key is free. Here are the instructions for getting the Keywords Everywhere API key.

I like to protect my online anonymity and prefer not to be tracked around the Internet so I installed Keywords Everywhere into the browser I use least often. I am not suggesting the extension is used to track browsing habits but it could be a privacy risk and I like to take few chances in this regard. For me that least used browser is Chrome.

Keyword research tools will spark ideas for new posts so use them to get new content ideas as well as to improve on page SEO.

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I want to try You are I’ve read about it as well here – – and sounds interesting. But I also heard that it doesn’t give a volume of search. Do you know whether it’s true?

If you use Keyword Suggest (the link is in the guide), you will see search volume alongside the Ubersuggest results.

Yes, i recently heard of keywords everywhere too. It will be great to have that tool now that google keyword planner is showing search volume in range. They have even excluded the yearly trend they used to show. It was easier to look for different stats in single page but google is narrowing their free services day by day.

John R.

I really like your article, I am your subscriber. Anyway I am using DeepMiner from to find great long tail keywords. You can check it out, it’s free.


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