Claim Your Website’s Google Assistant Directory Page

Google launched a new Google Assistant Directory recently. This directory helps people find things and do things with Google Assistant. This week Google began sending website owners an email that requests they claim their Directory Pages.

Improve discovery of your Super Duper Website content in the Google Assistant

To owner of superduperwebsite,

Google Assistant helps users find the information they want, including content from publishers across many of Google’s platforms, e.g., Search, News, Maps and more. Now we’re making it even easier for users to find content with the Google Assistant’s browsable Actions directory.

Specifically, for U.S. English podcast, recipe, and news publishers who have invested in structured data markups and/or Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), we have presented the ability to find content from such providers as “Actions” (things people can ask the Google Assistant to do), each with its own auto-generated directory page in the Google Assistant’s Actions directory. These pages are rolling out over the next few days, in case you can’t find yours immediately.

Use our claiming flow to claim and edit (or unpublish) the auto-generated directory page associated with finding content from your site — including the name, description, logo, and more. Make sure to submit your claim after filling out all of the required fields. If you do nothing, your auto-generated directory page will have the name “Super Duper Website” and will be associated with the ability to find content from superduperwebsite.

After doing a little research on this new Google feature, the general consensus of people in the know is that website owners should claim their sites’ pages when the opportunity is presented.

There is no absolute need to claim Google Assistant Directory Pages. Google has already created them for applicable websites. But, by claiming their pages website owners are able to edit page details such as the logo, title and Google Assistant Actions.

At the moment only sites that produce specific types of content are being sent the notice to claim their directory pages. These content type include podcast, news and recipe pieces.

The online Google Assistant Directory is here.

Expect Google Assistant to feature more strongly in SEO in 2018. It is part of a push toward voice and interactive device search.

More details

And Google Search Console will soon receive an update.

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