How to Display Different Content to Visitors from Different Sites

Every now and again you might want your website to display different information to visitors who arrive at your site from specific URLs. You might want to tell visitors from Digg to digg you again or maybe you want to give a big welcome to visitors from Google and a big kick up the ass to visitors from Yahoo! (not that I have anything against Yahoo!). You might even want to serve different reciprocal links and ads to visitors from different sites.

Tailoring content to different visitors is easier than you might think.

Free PHP Random Rotation Script

Random HTML Rotation with PHP Scripts

A little PHP script to rotate ads, text snippets, images, web pages, links or anything else that you want to rotate randomly. Affectionately called Randy, the Randy script reads an external file, picks a few random lines from it then inserts them into a web page at the point where randy.php is called for use. … Read more

Using PHP to Send Data Between Webpages

Every now and again we web designers need to pass user input between pages. It could be a username or affiliate code that needs adding into a set of links; it could be details of a contact form that need passing over to a confirmation page before being sent to a database or email server; … Read more