The One Page Quick Start Guide to PHP

The JournalXtra PHP Easy Start Guide

Welcome to the quickest Get Started with PHP guide you will ever read. There is no quicker guide to PHP. When I learned PHP I had to read pages of lesson guides just to get to what I really needed to know. I wanted to write code. I didn’t want to read a book. This … Read more

WordPress, PHP, Suhosin, Out of Memory and Execution Timeouts

PHP Logo

Suhosin is a security patch for PHP. WordPress is a CMS that needs PHP for execution. Suhosin can be a real mean so-and-so who stops WordPress scripts executing fully. If you get PHP out of memory errors or max execution time errors even after you have increased the max_execution_time and the memory_limit in php.ini then … Read more

Quick Tip: Non Cascading php.ini Values? Fix it Quick

We have all seen it. We have all done it. We have a WordPress site that doesn’t listen to php.ini. We need to increase the max execution time or increase the PHP memory limit. We change a server’s PHP settings using php.ini and test with <?php php_info() ?>. Low and behold, the settings don’t take. … Read more

HowTo: Browser and OS Detection with PHP

A very quick PHP script for detecting browser/device and OS agent strings from the HTTP User Agent variable. This is not 100% reliable because surfers and bots sometimes hide or falsify the user agent string so please use with caution. Browser and OS Detection Script This script detects whether the OS/Device is Linux, MacOS, iPad, … Read more

Really Simple Traffic Logger

Born out of boredom, unrealized necessity and the fruit of another script, this really simple PHP counter logs page views and tracks visitors from the time they enter your site to the time they leave it. Weighing in at slight 9.9 KiB, or 5.6 KiB when all comments are removed, it represents excellent value for a free php website traffic counter and logger.

The traffic data logged by Really Simple Traffic Logger is everything you might need to see where your visitors are coming from, where they are going once they are on your site and for optionally displaying a configurable PHP counter on your webpage. The complete log data list is:

  • access date
  • access time
  • visitor’s IP address
  • visitor’s hostname
  • the visitor’s referrer (where he/she or it came from)
  • the visitor’s browser agent
  • the page (or pages) the visitor viewed (or loaded)
  • the script that loaded an accessed page
  • any search engine search strings

Really Simple PHP Counter

To make your own free page hits counter to display at the bottom of your page, place this bit of PHP code in the footer of your page and, optionally, style table id php-counter (162 Bytes):