Boost Your Web Traffic

Website traffic takes two forms: targeted and sporadic. Sporadic traffic comes from social bookmarking sites. Targeted traffic comes organically through banner advertisement, text links, search engines, off-line advertisement and chatter. Which form of traffic do you think is best? Targeted traffic is good, sporadic traffic can be good. People who use social bookmarking sites like … Read more

A Little Bit of Linux Sanity

I’ve been using Linux for several years. My distro of choice is Kubuntu, the KDE environment version of Ubuntu. My relationship with Linux has had many good times and all the fun of the occasional arguments that beset all happy couples.  Yes, I’m a geek and love all things IT and technical; and as a … Read more

Expose Yourself to Everybody…. Press Release Secrets

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Snazz-Up Your Website With Free Graphics and Sound Effects

Seamless Website Pattern Background Designs

Ambiance is the most important part of any website. Your articles could be top notch, your games the best in the world and your photos unique but your visitors will not stay if they’re in the wrong setting. Visitors have expectations, preconceived ideas, of how a website should look, behave and consequently “feel” to their mental sensors: a search engine needs to be kept simple, a forum needs to be clean and easy to navigate, and a fanzine needs to appear like any shop bought magazine. Making your site look great and even giving it a few sound effects when appropriate is all part of any webmaster’s job. Give your visitors a good experience and they’ll tell their friends about you. Give them a bad experience and, well, what did you do the last time you saw a bad website?

Here are a few resources that I’ve found useful. I think you will like them too.

Free Article Content Providers

Article banks are handy for webmasters who need free advertisement or text content in a hurry. Most article banks offer their articles for the price of a back-link although some do charge a fee. Nearly all of them will allow you to post your own articles for the price of registration (which tends to be free).