Extra Repositories for Karmic Koala

I was about to stick these extra repositories into the Karmic Koala Review but thought “No, there are enough of them and they’re useful enough to put into their own little section.” so that’s what I’ve done here. I will update this list of repositories whenever I find a new one that’s worth adding to … Read more

Kubuntu Karmic Koala Beta – My First Thoughts

I plunged and gambled my sanity when I downloaded it, burned it to disc, wiped my hard drive and installed it. That was a few days ago. I am now using the beta version and it is impressive. It is lightening fast – It took less than 30 seconds to boot to a working desktop immediately after installation. Takes a little longer now I’ve added a bit of software but it’s still quicker than any previous release. To say the Kubuntu team are aiming for a 25 second boot time, and my machine’s on its last legs, I reckon they’re very close to getting there.

Backing up your Firefox Profile

This is actually quite easy. Although we wont use FEBE, for those who do not know FEBE is a Firefox plugin used to back-up and retrieve user profiles. It copies and all plug-ins, themes, bookmarks and undeleted browsing history (including the cache) then compresses them into one zip file ready to be re-imported into Firefox should a profile become corrupt or destroyed, or should a profile just need copying to another computer.