Getting Into the Linux Shell

Linux TTY Console Has Special Moo Powers

The place where commands are typed instead of clicked: The Linux Shell You will see it called shell, terminal, console, command-line, tty, tty session and many other things but, really, it is just a black screen with a text prompt that lets you run non graphical programs (scripts) by typing their name at the prompt … Read more

Is Skype + Video + Linux Always a Hassle?

Skype for Linux Logo

Every time I upgrade Linux. I end up without Skype video support. Every time!!! It’s unbelievable. Why can’t Skype make an app that provides out-of-the-box video support for Linux. Anyway, because I keep forgetting how to get my webcam to work with Skype on Linux, I thought I’d write about it here so I always … Read more

BASH: Filling Web Forms with cURL and wget

Oh gosh, another cURL and web form post! I couldn’t resist writing this one. While finding information on formfind I noticed an absence of direct help for people wishing to use it so I thought I’d fill the gap in the market. Questions this post answers: How do I fill out an online form without … Read more