We’ve Been a Little Quiet of Late…

Normal service will resume soon. Have a LAMP guide on its way. Was going to publish it as an eBook but will test it on my loyal readers first. It’s been ready for publication for the past year and half but new server management tricks crop up and I keep editing the unpublished document accordingly between development, design and server admin jobs.

The guide to come covers LAMP installation, server management, server security, web software installation, website migration and more. It will replace some of my currently published works at JournalXtra. Will create redirects for old guides to new guides but please remember to update bookmarks when you hit redirects.

In other news, who has a few web apps and mobile apps to host? I have two domains I purchased to host my own apps under: giddyapps.mobi and giddyapps.net. Will be developing both domains more fully soon. If you’d like to host your own apps under those domains for free then drop me a line and we’ll work together.

Normal service will return soon…..

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