We Are Moving Downloads to GitHub

We are in the process of moving our plugin, script and other downloads to Github.

We host some files on SourceForge, some on our own server and some in the WordPress SVN repository. This means our downloads are spread around the web with no real central management policy. Good for posterity and accessibility but bad for file management and is a drain on our own server resources.

Another reason for the move is that our web host, Namecheap, has super tight security policies which and keeps auto-deleting our WordPress PHP shell deployment scripts and server environment test scripts. This inspires trust in our host and we highly recommend Namecheap for this and other reasons.

Our intention is to move ALL our downloads to GitHub and to use GitHub as our main storage point then to mirror our downloads with the WordPress repo. We expect to complete this migration sometime close to whenever.

During the transition period, delivery of some of our upcoming product releases and product updates will be delayed. Some of our delayed releases include:

  • Panel-P, our server tools payload admin panel. This is ready for release but needs to be uploaded to GitHub.
  • Panel-WP, our WordPress Panel-P deployment plugin. This will be released at the same time as Panel-P.
  • FileX (pronounced ‘Fi-Lex’), our flat-file CMS framework. This will be released sometime after Panel-P is released. Needs a little more development before we can release an alpha; though Panel-P and Panel-WP use FileX pre-pre-alpha so you can get an early eye-fest by downloading either.

We look forward to completing the move to GitHub. We hope this move makes access to our products just as easy for you as the move will make their management easier for us.

Feel free to give us a nudge when you feel we are dragging our heals.

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