We Apologise for the slow load time… Hostgator is fucked up

We are experiencing a few faults with our host. For the unaware, Hostgator is migrating its customers to new ‘upgraded’ servers with SSD drives for database storage. Whoopee doo!!! What a fuck up the migration is.

Not sorry for my bad language. My server space and my clients’ server spaces have been migrated to these fucked up new Hostgator servers. Every site that has been migrated is running about as fast as a pissed up snail climbing up a Teflon slide.

The errors currently displayed by JournalXtra are caused by misconfigurations within the shared server this site is now on. I apologise for those errors.

See the ads for HG’s services in my sidebars? No? Good. I’ve removed them. I will never advertise a bad product.

Good JX service will resume by Monday the 8th July 2013. We will be on a new server by then.

Update 7th July 2013

So, speaking with Hostgator several times to get these slow server issues resolved, Hostgator first said we had a PHP misconfiguration on the server then they said the new ‘upgraded’ servers have tighter resource restrictions. Those restrictions caused JournalXtra to not function properly due to those limits being reached. One issue they picked up on was the local CDN at cdn.journalxtra.com.

The HG tech. rep said the local CDN causes an increase in simultaneous HTTP requests to the server home of JX. No shit! What else is it supposed to do?

Tell us Hostgator, when the standard and recommended practice is to use a local CDN to serve static files so that web clients can make more simultaneous HTTP requests, why is Hostgator now restricting this practice? Come on guys, get your acts together.

I could use CloudFlare, Amazon or DropBox or a similar CDN/remote file host service but I prefer to not do so.

My opinion: Hostgator has really messed up. I’ve already cancelled one of my accounts with HG. This account will follow within the next few days. I’ve read a lot of complaints about HG’s new servers. Expect mass exodus soon.

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I see… I’m having the same problem here. I don’t know if I want to move out or stay with HG.


do a whois on your new/old ip address. my site was moved from an awesome, reliable and fast softlayer server to a bluehost server in utah. i was moved on 5/13 and the site works for a while and then it is down again. it’s been down about once every other week. they still haven’t fixed the problem. thought it was fine a couple of times and it never was. i am migrating to knownhost laster this week. i have VPS and expect a lot better service than this for the money.


I’m on my way to quit HG. Huge time to process a simple plain html page BUT with the extension .php. All the problem is related to PHP configuration ! Staff support bullshuit me with stupid correction ou recommendation ! This is my 8 reply to their reply ! They are school guy at the help desk.

Sorry, I use to speak french but I am planning to leave HQ in few month. Je suis vraiment en tabarnak !


they had me switched to the new server too and bang… I would not let them do that if I had looked at this blog in the beginning. I know, it’s the “If I knew then….” again. What I could not get an answer from them through many phone and chat conversation was – “Didn’t you guys suppose to test this migration out on dummy accounts before launching it?” So, we are intending to leave too. Too bad so sad, they were great and had been working nicely for us until they did this stunt…