Merry Christmas to One and All

I’m taking this moment to wish you and your families a very warm and pleasant Christmas. I hope Santa puts something heartwarming under your tree; and may God bless you for a prosperous year ahead. Merry Christmas!!! Because I know you’re just as excited to know how far Santa is from you…. You can follow … Read more

An Update on my Whearabouts

Hi faithful readers, I haven’t deserted you or JournalXtra. I’m still about but have had to slow down while I concentrate on an event we are organizing and sponsoring to benefit a cancer charity local to Boston in Lincolnshire, England. The event will be held on the 28th August 2010 (this coming Saturday) and I … Read more

No More Amazon Ads, Yippee \Q/

Just a quick comment to let you know I’ve removed the Amazon ads that once adorned the sidebars. I’ve been considering their removal for the past month or two because they slow down the site’s page load time but I wavered on the side that some visitors might find them useful so I left them … Read more

Bugs in the System!!!

I apologise if you were affected by the recent bug encountered by some visitors when they accessed this site. The bug caused some desktop PC user’s to see the mobile and PDA version of JournalXtra. It was caused by a plugin update and the issue has now been resolved. For those who want a little … Read more