We’ve Been a Little Quiet of Late…

Normal service will resume soon. Have a LAMP guide on its way. Was going to publish it as an eBook but will test it on my loyal readers first. It’s been ready for publication for the past year and half but new server management tricks crop up and I keep editing the unpublished document accordingly … Read more

Welcome to the New Look JournalXtra

Quick-glance magazine style homepage.

JournalXtra has a brand new coat. We wanted something clean, simple and clear; a look we knew you would love and that would make visiting JX a pleasure for desktop drivers and mobile riders. We hatched a plan, took out our paintbrushes, rollers and stencils then pulled down the old and built up the new. … Read more

I’m Back!

Miss me? Good. That was the idea. Want to know where I’ve been? Have a guess. Go on, guess. I’ve been away nearly 4 months. You must have a few wild ideas about where I’ve been. Don’t be shy. Guess. No, I wasn’t in prison. No, I wasn’t abducted by a band of vampirettes (though … Read more

Announcing the Launch of VizRed!

Launched and ready to sail. VizRED is open for business.

A couple of years ago I met a remarkable woman named Blanca Stella through JournalXtra. We’ve kept in touch and worked together on a number of web development projects since then. Not long ago we decided to cement our good working relationship into a business partnership. Our ‘new’ partnership gave us both a good excuse … Read more