JournalXtra has hit The Change. Restructure Afoot for 2014

Hello, JournalXtra is going through The Change
Hello, JournalXtra is going through “The Change”

Dear readers, over the next few months you will see a few changes to the structure of JournalXtra. This is not the first time we have said this but we now feel that this is the right time for us to conduct the changes we have planned during 2013.

Over the coming days, weeks and months we will be recategorizing posts, splitting long posts & long pages into smaller articles spanning multiple pages and we will again be redesigning the JX theme. These changes are needed to make the site easier for readers to navigate and to make the site easier for search engines to analyse.

During this restructuring period you will notice some older posts rise to the top of the news archives as though they were recently written. This old post resurrection will happen when we spread long posts over many articles under their own categories with new publishing dates intended to keep split posts together in the archives.

We need your help

To make these structural changes as pleasant as possible for our readers we need our readers to update backlinks to our posts, to re-share our posts in social networks and to re-Digg them. This will help new readers to find our articles, will encourage old readers to update their bookmarks and will help search engines to properly index the articles.

We thank you for your patience. We welcome feedback. We very much appreciate your help.

~ The JX Team!

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