Announcing the JournalXtra Knowledge Base

Way back when JournalXtra first popped into existence as a blog, we planned to write FAQs to accompany every post. An early post and complimentary FAQ showing this idea in action can be seen here (post) and here (FAQ). This idea – 4 years later – is coming back as a public Q&A forum.

We are creating Q&As based on existing posts with cross-links from the Q&As to their more full featured guides. This will give us opportunity to review and update old posts as we go along and, for future posts, will give us greater ability to share our research via the Q&A.

We have chosen a Q&A forum plugin from CodeCanyon [affi] which is developed by the awesome Onokazu, who also develops the brilliant Sabai Directory plugin [affi] for WordPress.


To coincide with the launch of the JournalXtra Knowledge Base we have opened up registration to anyone with an email address or Google, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. You read that right. We’ve enabled social login so you can register and login to ask and answer questions using social media accounts.

We are calling our Q&A forum the JX Knowledge Base (very ordinary, we know). The new Q&A forum is open to everyone so begin asking questions, sharing knowledge and having fun today.

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