30 Ways to Grab Targeted Traffic and Backlinks – Free!

Getting traffic to your website without the right knowledge and guidance can feel like a hard trek up a very slippery slope; and when you do start getting traffic, turning it into a few hundred dollars every year to cover your server fees, domain registration fees and time is doubly harder because surfers are so used to getting Internet resources for free and many surfers would rather risk repetitive mouse click injury and picking up a nasty virus from a seedy backstreet website than parting with their cash to buy a good product from your reputable website.

Climbing up a Slippery Slope
Getting traffic is Like Climbing up a Slippery Slope

No matter how good your website is and how well written, interesting and informative its content, you will make no money from your hard work unless you can grab paying surfers from other websites and steer them toward your sponsors’ products.

As we all know, more traffic equals more potential sales clicks. So learning the various free methods you can use to get lots of surfer traffic to your websites is a must do for all webmasters. New or old, it never hurts to learn new tricks for attracting traffic.

I can’t promise to make your websites glow like sweet golden honey to a bee but I can promise you several thousand new and unique visitors to your websites every month by using the free resources and easy to implement methods set out below. Broadly speaking, these free traffic resources split into six action categories:

Five out of six of those action categories revolve around the concept of giving away something for nothing to attract surfers (aka prospects) to become advocates of your fantastic work.

The items in each section are displayed in semi-random order to account for variations in obtainable results due to individual technical abilities and different website types e.g. if you are a know-it-all script writer with unrivaled programming and design skills who administers a programming themed site then offering a free script will get you more traffic than it would the rest of us mere mortals – we bow to your creativity and godliness as a script writer.

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