Install QMC2 Manually, Effortlessly

QMC2 is a full featured graphical MAME frontend. The Ubuntu QMC2 repository is out of date so users of Ubuntu 17.10 and above need to install QMC2 packages manually. Here is how to install QMC2 the manual way, error free.

If you try to build QMC2 by following the official guide you will hit errors caused by missing QT software libraries. The instructions below fix qmake build errors such as Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia or Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: mediakit webkit.

Build time is arout 30 minutes on an an AMD 64 Phenom II Black (4 cores unlocked) system with 4 GB RAM and SSD HD running KDE.

Want a MAME and QMC2 installer script for Linux? There is one here.

Step 1: Install Necessary QT Libraries

This step will fix qmake build errors for most other packages too i.e. this is not limited to QMC2 build errors.

You might be prompted to agree to the removal of the QT4 Default package. Agree to this. It will not affect other software in the system.

Step 2: Download the QMC2 Source Package

Step 3: Build and Install the QMC2 Packages

Decide whether to build and install specific QMC2 packages or all packages. The packages are:

  1. QMC2. The detailed MAME ROMs manager.
  2. QMC2 Arcade. A click’n’play arcade version of QMC2.
  3. QMC2 CHDMAN GUI. This is a GUI for MAME’s chdman utility for CHD management.
  4. QMC2 man Files. These are the man page help files for QMC2 packages.

Many users will need only QMC2 and/or QMC2 Arcade. The QMC2 man files are useful if you want to read the QMC2 help files from the Linux command line.

If you follow the instructions for All QMC2 Packages you won’t need to install the packages individually.

All QMC2 Packages

This will install QMC2, QMC2 Arcade, QMC2 CHDMAN GUI and the QMC2 man pages.

Follow the update instructions provided a few lines below here at least once per month.

Individual QMC2 Packages


This is the main QMC2 program.

These instructions install the QMC2 MAME software manager.

QMC2 Arcade

This installs an arcade version of the main QMC2 package.


This installs the QMC2 CHDMAN GUI program.

QMC2 man pages

This installs the help files accessed by typing man qmc2 in a console.


Step 4: Update QMC2


QMC2 Updates are released monthly inline with MAME update releases. Do as follows to update your manually installed QMC2 apps once per month..

Repeat Step 3 to make and install the package files.

QMC2 References


QMC2 Wiki:


MAME Games: Ultimate Download Guide

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