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Special Delivery
Lovely Surprises

A couple of months ago, those friendly people at FarmVille gave us Special Deliveries filled with the awesome goodies we need to complete parts of the game. “Fantastic!”, we all cried; and then the problems began…

The idea behind Special Deliveries is brilliant: let farmers send their neighbors useful gifts without ever knowing what is in the packaging. A farmer needs a nail for his orchard, let a nail be in the package. A farmer needs a watering can, let there be watering cans. But, the gift items are not guaranteed. Lots of FarmVille players open Special Deliveries expecting to receive a building item only to be awarded a useless Tricycle Planter or an ugly Olive Tree.

So how do I open Special Deliveries and get what I want?

There is a trick to opening Special Deliveries

…and getting what you want!

…most of the time.

You can increase your likelihood of getting the gifts you want if you follow these rules:

  • Collect all other gifts first
    • Reload the game and accept any gifts you have been sent
    • Ensure you have no pending requests listed at
    • Speed up gift collection with FGS and Mass Accept Requests
    • Reload the game and accept any additional gifts you have been sent while completing the above steps.
  • Do you need items for a building project?
    • If so, do you have any seedlings planted on your farm?
      • If so
        1. either delete them or grow them
      • If not
        1. attempt to complete the building’s construction with any building materials collected as gifts
        2. check how many additional building materials are needed to  finalize construction
        3. open as many Special Deliveries as you need items to complete your construction project
  • Do you need watering cans?
    • If so, do you have any building projects to complete?
      • If so
        1. complete them
      • If not
        1. place only one seedling on your farm at any one time
        2. use any watering cans that are in your giftbox
        3. if you need more watering cans
          • confirm how many cans are required to grow the seedling into a tree
          • open only as many Special Deliveries as are needed to mature the seedling into a tree
  • Do you need collection items or other items that are neither watering cans nor construction materials?
    • First complete all building projects and grow all seedlings, then
    • Open Special Deliveries at your own risk. Unless you are very lucky (or are cheating), you will receive a lot of shovels, trees and junk before you get the collectibles you require.

The important information to remember is this:

Special Deliveries provide only construction materials when required for building projects provided none of the required construction materials are awaiting collection as gift requests sent by neighbors nor are available from the giftbox.

Special Deliveries provide only watering cans when required for nursing seedlings to maturity provided materials are not required to complete building projects. If building projects are incomplete but the materials required to complete them are awaiting collection as gifts or are present in your giftbox then watering cans will most likely be found when Special Deliveries are opened. A seedling must usually be planted on your farm before watering cans are given by Special Deliveries.

Special Deliveries provide both watering cans and building materials when both materials are needed to complete building projects and watering cans are required to grow seedlings into trees.

Special Deliveries provide any of the other items listed in table one (below) when neither construction materials nor watering cans are required. Both watering cans and construction materials may be provided at random whether needed or not.

Only open as many Special Deliveries as the number of building materials that are required to complete a building project or the number of watering cans that are required grow a seedling into a tree; and try to construct only one building or to nurse only one seedling on your farm at once.

A few examples

These examples assume no gifts are awaiting collection and no other items require construction parts or watering cans unless stated in the example.

Example One

At this point in time, seedlings need to be watered eight times before they grow into trees. If you were to plant one seedling on your farm and were to use the last two watering cans from your giftbox before opening only 6 Special Deliveries then you would be awarded 6 watering cans. Open more than 6 Special Deliveries and you would receive 6 watering cans plus a load of junk.

Example Two

One orchard’s construction requires 10 nails, 10 wooden boards and 10 bricks. If you were to begin constructing an orchard but were without nails and were to use your last 10 bricks and last 5 wooden boards from your giftbox before opening 15 Special Deliveries then you would find 10 nails and 5 wooden boards.

Example Three

If you were to plant one seedling and were to begin constructing 1 orchard but were without building materials and watering cans in your giftbox then opening 38 Special Deliveries would provide 10 nails, 10 bricks, 10 wooden boards and 8 watering cans. Generally.

Table One: FarmVille Special Delivery Gifts
Common Construction Items
Nail Wooden Board Brick
Beehive Construction Items
Smoker Honeybee Beeswax
Nursery Construction Items
Bottle Blanket
Stable Construction Items
Horseshoe Harness
Other Construction Items
Watering Can Two Shovels Vehicle Part
Emperor Butterfly Dragonfly Checkered Button Gloves
Farm Aids
Farmhands Arborists Fuel Refills
Ossabaw Pig Brown Cow Brown Squirrel
Jackfruit Tree Olive Tree Starfruit Tree Guava Tree
Decorations (Junk)
Owl Statue Lawn Chair Old Bike Tricycle Planter
1 Farm Cash

A few notes

  • Fuel is given in varying amounts.
  • Farm Cash is rare. I’m not sure it is still given but there are ways to get Farm Cash for free anyway
  • Collectibles, the only ones awarded by Special Deliveries are those that are giftable from the “Free Gifts” page within FarmVille.
  • Always clear your gift requests before opening Special Deliveries. Collect them in game, then with FGS then with Mass Accept Gifts; this will ensure you collect them all and some of them twice or thrice.
  • Try to always construct only one building or grow 1 seedling at any one time.

There is no exact science to opening Special Deliveries to receive only the items required at the time of opening them. Following the above guidelines will increase your success at receiving the items you require for your farm’s needs and will decrease the number of Special Deliveries wasted to junk items.

Do you have more advice about opening Special Deliveries? Leave a comment and let us know.

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