FarmVille Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Free FV Cash

Look at all those goodies that are available in the FarmVille market. How nice would it be to buy all the horses, trees, buildings, limited edition goodies and everything else that is available for FarmVille Cash only? You would need to be a pretty rich farmer to get them all….. Wouldn’t you?

Maybe not…

A Quick note about this Guide

Zynga recently voided the links used in this guide to create dummy accounts with 65 FV.

You can still take a dummy account to level 75 with 85 FV and a few million coins. The new method uses an autoplayer and takes between one and two hours to get an account to level 75. The rate of the rise is dependent on computer and Internet connection speed. As far as I know, the new method is the quickest way to get over 65 FV for a new account.

The new method can be read here. Full instructions for using the autoplayer are here.

This guide is still relevant to players who want to create secondary dummy accounts and the guide will still quickly take an account to level 10 with a few Zynga welcome gifts awarded along the way.

Bootnote: Zynga has begun issuing FarmVille reactivation links. One such link is placed in this guide. I hope it works for you as it did me.


Thank you for visiting JournalXtra

On with the guide…

Behind every great fortune there lies a great crime, or so they say.

Are you game enough to be a farmer with character? Do you have the balls to get something for nothing? Do you want to know how to get FarmVille cash for free?

With a little bit of “cheating”, you can have anything and everything FarmVille has to offer. There is such a thing as free FarmVille money, AKA, FV Cash. In fact, 65 FV for starters, 74 free FV by the time you hit level 10 and another 240 free FV if you’re willing to cheat a little more and use an autoplayer. Then there are the FV rewards for completing in game missions. That’s a lot of free FV.

There are 9 ways to get FV:

  1. buy it for real money
  2. earn 1 FV with every level increase
  3. occasionally win 1 FV opening a mystery egg or mystery gift
  4. install the FarmVille Game Bar
  5. stop playing the game until FarmVille sends you an incentive email
  6. be given it by Zynga for game glitches (when you complain)
  7. complete the first few England missions
  8. convince someone to buy you a FarmVille game card
  9. complete the surveys placed in the game by Zynga
  10. cheat by creating cash earning dummy accounts

And remember that you automatically start with 5 FV when you begin playing the game.

I’m going to show you how to do number 10: cheat with dummy accounts and send gifts from the market place from the dummies to your main account.

Updated: 10th August 2011

Cheating Your Way to FarmVille Wealth

Call them mule accounts, fake accounts, dummy accounts or cheaters, whatever you call your secondary accounts, make them look real enough to hide their dummy status from Zynga.

The idea of creating a dummy account is to raid its Farm Cash for sending market gifts that cost FV to other accounts. An account needs to be at level 10 before market gifts that cost Farm Cash can be sent from it to another account.

This guide can get a dummy account to level 10 with 74 FV in 10 minutes. An autoplayer is not needed unless you want to use the account long-term and squeeze every last drop of free FV that it will give.

Each level increase between level 1 and level 250 is rewarded with 1 FV. FV is only rewarded for level increases up to and including level 250. An autoplayer will be needed if you wish to reach level 250 in the shortest time possible.

Autoplayers can assist with quick leveling by taking advantage of game glitches. Different glitches are available at different times. On occasion it is possible to reach level 250 in under an hour, other times it can take 24 hours and if there are no glitches available it can take a week or longer. Sometimes it is quicker to just keep creating dummy accounts.

The maximum amount of free FV that can be earned by using the links provided in this guide and through using an autoplayer to take an account to level 250 is an awesome 314 FV. Then there are the FarmVille Cash rewards given by completing missions and those rewards that are hidden in white mystery eggs. You could send yourself a lot of free market items with over 300 free FV.

Please remember to share rewards and achievements to make your Facebook account look genuine if you intend to use the dummy account longterm.

Do NOT load your new account’s farm until you have read through these instructions at least once. The whole process to free FV requires you to start playing FarmVille through very specific links. Those links are shown in step 3.

Step One: Make A New Email Address

Create an email address using Gmail, Yahoo or some other respectable email service. It was once possible to use disposable email addresses but Facebook no longer accepts them and has begun purging accounts that use them (I’ve lost 4 accounts to this in the past few days, 10th Aug 2011).

If you intend to create lots of accounts you will find it easier to register your own domain name. A domain name can cost as little as $3 a year and most domain registrars provide catch-all email addresses that forward all emails (regardless of recipient’s name) to any Gmail, Yahoo or other account. For example, if you register the domain then you could create as many email addresses as you want at just by putting a name before the @ e.g [email protected] or [email protected].

A low cost place to register a domain name is You do not need server space or specialist email services to use a domain name to send and receive emails.

Step Two: Make a New Facebook Account

Use your disposable email address to quickly create a new Facebook account. If you intend to add neighbors, add a profile picture and profile information to make it look real. Validate your new account by checking your email inbox for the Facebook Account Activation Email.

You can skip Facebook set up questions by pressing the skip button that is usually placed beneath them or by clicking the Facebook logo at the top of the screen.

Step Three: Play FarmVille

Important: Read through this step before clicking any links.


You will be greeted by 2 pop-ups the first time you click this next link. The pop-ups request permission for FarmVille to send you email and post to your wall. Click “Allow” both times. Do not let the game fully load. Close the page as soon as you see the game start to load.

Each of the next three links gives you 20 free FV cash. Each link must be refreshed in your browser multiple times to ensure the game registers properly the free farm cash that each link awards you.

Do not let the game fully load after clicking any of the following links. Click a link, it will open in a new tab, wait for the game to begin loading, refresh the tab (or close the tab then click the link again) before the game loads.

Do not click these links immediately after one and other. Open one, refresh the page several times, close the page then open the next link.

Do not let any of these links fully load the game. Reload the page as soon as you see the game menu. Do not let any other part of the game load.

The suggested number of page refreshes for each link is five times.

Click these links one at a time:

  • New Link (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)
  • Link One (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)
  • Link Two (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)
  • Link Three (click it, count to 3, refresh the page. Never let the game load)

Now load the game and check your Free FV cash has arrived.

If you’ve followed the instructions properly, you will begin the game with 65 FV. That’s 5 FV for playing the game, 20 FV from the first link, 20 FV from the second link and 20 FV from the third link.

To set the base, you will be at

  • Level 1 with 200 Coins and 65 FV

You will have the following items in your gift box

  • 1 Love Potion and 4 Bottles

Zynga likes to change things every once in a while. Let me know if there are any deviations between what I have written here and what I you actually get. that goes for every step in this guide.

Step Four: Claim A Few Gifts

Close FarmVille then click the next three links. It is safe to let FarmVille load after each link has been clicked.

The first link will give you

  • 20 Coins
  • 1 Chicken
  • 1 Cow
  • 1 Cherry Tree
  • 4 Hay Bales

The second link will give you

  • 2 more Hay Bales

The third link will give you

  • 1 Saanans Goat

You will now have

  • The High Roller Yellow Ribbon (50 XP,500 Coins)
  • The Not Spoiled Gifted Yellow Ribbon (10 XP,  1,000 Coins)

You now be at

  • Level 3 with 1,720 Coins and 67 FV

Step Five: Get to Level 10 and Earn a Few Ribbons along the way

This step will rocket you to level 10 with a few thousand coins, 74 FV and some ribbons.

  1. Join RewardVille (click here or click the link at the top of your game screen)
  2. Claim the Porch Home
  3. Put the Porch Home at the top corner of the farm
  4. Lay the six Hay Bales from the gift box onto your farm
  5. Wait a few seconds for the rewards to show
  6. You will now have the Rat Pack Yellow Ribbon (25 XP), Baled Out Yellow Ribbon (25 XP, 500 Coins) and 1 Picnic Set
  7. You will now be at Level 4 with 2,220 Coins and 68 FV
  8. Go to the Market
  9. Buy 4 Hay Bales and place them on the farm
  10. Buy one Animal Trough
  11. Place it next to the Porch Home
  12. Buy one Rest Tent
  13. Place it next to the Animal Trough
  14. Buy one Trading Post
  15. Place it next to the Animal Trough
  16. Wait a few seconds for the rewards to show
  17. You will now have the Architect Yellow Ribbon (100 XP, 500 Coins)
  18. You will now be at Level 5 with 818 Coins and 69 FV
  19. Sell the Porch Home
  20. Buy and place 40 Hay Bales (100 Coins each, 5 XP reward each)
  21. Wait a few seconds for all rewards to show
  22. You will no have the Pretty Penny Yellow Ribbon (50 XP), Pack Rat White Ribbon (50 XP), Baled Out White Ribbon (100 XP, 2,500 Coins), 1 Rest Tent and 1 Stone Mailbox
  23. Harvest the Strawberries
  24. Harvest the Egg Plants
  25. Sell all of the Rest Tents, the Picnic Table, the Chicken, the Cow, the Cherry Tree,the Saanans Goat and the Mailbox
  26. Return to RewardVille
  27. Claim the Willow Tree
  28. Sell the Willow Tree
  29. Buy and place another 50 Hay Bales onto your farm
  30. Wait a few seconds for the rewards to show
  31. You will no have the Pack Rat Red Ribbon (100 XP), Baled Out Red Ribbon (250 XP, 5,000 Coins) and 1 Covered Wagon
  32. You will now be at Level 10 with 5,052 Coins and 74 FV

If awarded a red duckling while following the instructions, feel free to sell it.

Congratulations on hitting level 10! You can now use your dummy account’s 74 FV Cash to gift market items to your main account.

Step 6: Connect with Your Main Account

Connect your new dummy account with your main account and any other account you wish to gift items to or collect items from.

Send neighbor requests from your new dummy account to all the accounts you connected it with. If you control those other accounts, accept those requests before reloading your new dummy account.

From this point onwards you have a choice:

  1. use the available FV then forget about the account, or
  2. continue to play the account and use it to make more FV and to assist your main account with co-operative jobs

If you choose not to play the account any longer then I suggest you make a note of its username and password because you can get another 20 FV for reactivating the account after 30 days of disuse by reactivating the account using the three FV Reward links listed in Step 3.

If you choose to utilize the account then read the next few tips and remember that the more neighbors your dummy account has, the more you can expand its farm, the easier it will earn some of the ribbons and the more neighbor rewards there will be for the dummy to collect and sell.

For example, adding neighbors will earn the dummy account the Local Celebrity ribbons:

  • 4 Neighbors for the Yellow Ribbon
  • 8 Neighbors for the White Ribbon
  • 25 Neighbors for the Red Ribbon
  • 50 Neighbors for the Blue Ribbon

Ribbons equal prizes and XP rewards so earning them is advantageous.

Tip One: Use an Autoplayer

The quickest way to level up, achieve masteries, visit neighbors, plow, plot and harvest your farm as well as the best way to collect neighbor reward links, the best way to generate potions and the all round best way to cheat in FarmVille.

An autoplayer can easily take a  dummy account to level 250 within 24 hours. It depends on the game glitches that can be taken advantage of and whether the autoplayer’s plugins have been updated to use those glitches.

I recommend FarmVillebot. It is free. It is regularly updated and it has a very active user and developer community.

I have written an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to installing it, updating it and using its most useful plugins. It can be read here.

Tip Two: Add Neighbors to Your Dummy Account

You only need to add more neighbors if you intend to keep playing the account and you want to make it hard for Zynga to accuse you of cheating in FarmVille.

Be careful when adding new neighbors while you are rocketing ahead with level increases. Some players take exception to other players cheating.

Find new FarmVille friends with FarmVille neighbor request groups like these three:

Use a neighbor adding script like Facebook Invites to speed things up. See tip two for the link.

Neighbors provide good XP and Coin earning opportunities:

  • plowing, fertilizing and unwhithering crops yield 1 XP and 10 Coins per plot
  • tending chicken coops yields 10 XP, 100 coins and the possibility of mystery eggs to crack
  • harvesting individual animals yields 10 Coins per animal

A good autoplayer will help you visit and work neighboring farms. FarmVilleBot stores these rewards; they are visible in the “MyRewards” plugin.

Tip Three: Use a Few Gaming Tools

5 Good Facebook gaming tools are described in this JournalXtra article. Collectively, they will assist you with collecting rewards, accepting gifts and adding neighbors.

Tip Four: Stop Playing the Game

This is quite cool. FarmVille will give you up to 20 FV Cash if you don’t play the game for a couple of weeks. Stop playing for 15 days and Zynga will gift you 10 FV. Stop playing for 30 days and Zynga will send you 20 FV. The reactivation link is the same as this one here so click it once your account has been dormant for 15 or 30 days. Click it before loading the game any other way.

Old and Patched Tips

All tips listed in this section have appeared in this article at least once but been patched by Zynga i.e they do not currently work. I have listed them here on the off-chance they become usable again at some future point.

Never Ending FarmVille Cash

This lasted from the 19/20th of July 2011 to the 22nd of July 2011 – FarmVille’s birthday week. It was an awesome birthday gift from Zynga. I’d love to see it return next year.

This is clever and comes directly from the Migrations group on Facebook.

This little trick lets you re-use your FarmVille Cash over and over again. Never run out of it (until the glitch is fixed, that is). Send unlimited gifts from your dummy account to your main account by following these steps. It’s important you follow them exactly:

  1. Load your dummy account’s farm
  2. Use the “Recycle Tool” to remove all the plots
  3. Sell everything but one item. Keep only one item on your farm such as a fence or hay bale
  4. You should now have a green field with only your avatar and one item on it
  5. Go to the market. Decide what you want to send to your main account then close the market. Do not buy anything yet
  6. Sell the only item that’s on your farm
  7. Quickly open the market and send the item you want to buy to your main account
  8. The game will tell you it’s “Out of Synch”. Refresh the game and repeat steps 5 to 8.

Keep only one item on your farm and sell it before you send anything from the market to another account. It causes a game error to occur which forces Farmville to refresh itself. But, of course, you’ve already sent gifts from your account before the game realizes what’s happened.

You will know it’s working because at no point will your dummy account’s FV decrease.


Although I know how to gain FV Cash for free, it doesn’t necessarily follow that I use any of the methods described above. I’m a blogger and the purpose of blogging is to provide information, provide a service and to make an income through advertisements and sponsorships; therein lies the reason for this blog post.

If you do use the above described methods then please do not complain to Zynga or FarmVille when things go wrong or if your account is suspended. If an autoplayer cocks things up then speak with the autoplayer’s developers or post in the autoplayer’s user forum. Its developers and users are the only people who will be able to fix the autoplayer, not Zynga. Zynga would fix you for using it.


I’d like to express my gratitude to the many different people who have helped me play FarmVille over the past 6 to 12 months. Much thanks goes to Sherri, Eli, Nicole, Margherita and, separately, to the helpful people at

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