FarmVille Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Using an Autoplayer

Using an autoplayer is the quickest way to dominate the FarmVille world. I recommend FarmVilleBot because it is fast, regularly updated, has an active user and developer forum and it plays multiple accounts simultaneously.

These instructions for using FarmVilleBot will gently guide you through its installation and configuration as well as show you how to update and setup its most useful plugins.

This tutorial will be regularly updated as the autoplayer, its plugins and the game change.

Depending on how you view playing games with autoplayers, it could be argued that using an autoplayer is an invaluable aide to enhancing FarmVille user experience when used moderately or you might just as easily say that overuse of an autoplayer gives cheats a completely unfair advantage in the game.

For me, a game is only a game and an autoplayer is an enhancement provided it does not disadvantage others by “stealing” neighbor rewards from players whom rely on their wit and skill to play FarmVille.

A quick overview of FarmVilleBot’s basic functions will demonstrate why I consider it an aide to game play rather than a hindrance to others. It,

  • Enables dummy accounts to quickly rise in level
  • Plows plots and plants crops
  • Harvests crops, trees, animals and buildings
  • Visits and helps neighbors
  • Accepts and returns gifts
  • Opens Mystery Eggs and Mystery Gifts
  • Records game rewards as links for later use
  • Takes advantage of game glitches
  • Makes it possible to send gifts to main accounts
  • Plays multiple farms simultaneously

The scope of this tutorial has changed since I first wrote it. It was originally written to demonstrate how to quickly level an account. It now serves as a tutorial for FarmVilleBot and its most useful plugins as well as a guide to using FVB for leveling an account quickly. The guide is split into twelve sections (click a link to jump to its section):

Used properly, this FarmVilleBot tutorial will show you how to use FVB to perform daily game tasks, how to generate coins and how to convert those coins into XP to take a FarmVille account to level 250 as quickly as possible.

Throughout this guide I use the terms FarmVilleBot, FVB, bot and autoplayer interchangeably.

Have fun with it!

Updated: 31st July 2011.

Note to Linux and Mac users

FarmVillebot is a Windows program. If you use Linux or another operating system you will need to use a program like VirtualBox to install Windows within your regular OS without duel booting and without the installation affecting the security and integrity of your preferred OS. VirtualBox is easy to install and use.

Installation and First Use

Download and install FarmVilleBot from The installer will install two versions of the autoplayer: FarmVilleBot and FarmVilleBot Lite. The image below shows the Lite version.

FarmVilleBot Screenshot

Open the lite version. Enter a dummy account’s login details into the form at the top left of the screen where it asks for a Facebook account’s login email and login password then

  • Click “Run”
  • Let it run for one complete cycle
  • Click stop

The plugins will show under the “Plugins” tab once the autoplayer has downloaded the latest FarmVille game files.

Once the autoplayer has completed a cycle, a countdown timer will display at the bottom left of the window. This timer shows when the next cycle is due to start.

Now you know the autoplayer works, close the program and prepare to update the software.

Adding and Updating the Software

The bot’s plugins are regularly updated by their developers and the FVB installer package is frequently provided with out-of-date and obsolete plugins.

The FarmVilleBot Forum has a discussion board for the plugins where the latest plugins and plugin updates are discussed and posted. Visiting that forum is the only way to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of each plugin. The forum can be visit by clicking here. There is a plugin called UpdateRealTime (link below) that will tell you when your plugins need to be updated. It doesn’t advise about all plugins but it does advise about most of the important ones.

New plugins are regularly created to take advantage of new game glitches. It is a good idea to frequently visit the forum to find newly released plugins.

Install UniExtractor

You will need to use Universal Extractor to unzip most of the plugins downloaded for the bot. UniExtract is free and can be downloaded here (clicking initiates the download). Follow these instructions to install it

  • Double click the installer
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Tick all boxes on the “Select Components” page
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Tick all boxes on the “Select Program Options” page
  • Click Next
  • Tick all boxes on the “Select Additional Tasks” page
  • Click Next then click Install

Update the Autoplayer’s Parser and its Settings Plugin

The part of the bot that analyses the game files downloaded by the autoplayer is its parser. The parser is regularly updated so the one shipped with FarmVilleBot could be out of date by the time you download it. An out of date parser can prevent the bot from working properly. Visit this forum thread to check you have the latest parser.

When you download a new parser, unpack it, open the unpacked folder and copy its contents to C:\farmvillebot_2.1\. Allow Windows to overwrite parser.exe, plugins\settings\info and plugins\settings\main.

Configure the bot’s main settings

  • Click the Plugins tab
  • Double click the Settings plugin (it’s at the top of the plugins list)
  • Do not untick anything
  • Do not click Save Settings until I tell you to do so
  • On the server tab
    • Ensure there’s a tick next to Automatically Kill php.exe
    • Ensure there is a tick next to Enable Gzip
  • The Plugins tab allows you to enable or disable plugins that you do not intend to use. Disabling unneeded plugins can speed up the bot.
  • On the Seedtab, put a tick next to
    • Harvest
    • Plow
    • Plant
    • Do not tick Combine
  • On the Animalstab, tick
    • Lonely animals
    • Wandering Animals
    • Harvest Animals
    • Collect from Cats, Chickens and Cows
    • Transform Ugly Duck and Baby Turkey
  • On the Treestab
    • Tick Harvest Trees
  • On the Buildings Tab
    • Tick every building type you have on your farm
  • On the Neighbors/Gifts tab
    • Tick Accept Neighbors Help
    • Tick Accept Gift Requests
    • Set to 5 At once
    • Tick Try to Accept Gifts Twice
    • Tick Send Thank You Gift
  • Click Save Changes
  • Up at the top where it says Change Farm
    • Select England
    • Set Other Farm: Continue
    • Then click Change Farm
  • Repeat the above settings for your English farm then change back to your home farm

The autoplayer will automatically alternate between working on your home farm and your English farm. Whenever you want to force the bot to work on a different farm, tick Switch Farm in the Settings plugin then press Change Farm.

Update a Few Plugins

The following list is of the plugins I find most useful. Visit the forum page linked next to each plugin’s name to ensure you have the most up to date version of the plugin. The first post of a plugin’s forum thread usually contains the plugin’s latest download. Always read a plugin’s forum thread’s final page just in case an unofficial update has been released and listed on it.

Some plugin updates work around changes to FarmVille’s code while others add features to enhance usability. Old plugin versions might not work at all so always, always keep your plugins up to date. I update mine daily.

Double-click plugin downloads to extract them with UniExtract. Files are usually extracted into a containment folder. Browse each extracted folder and move the content of each file to C:\FarmVilleBot_2.1\plugins\. Overwrite the original folders with the contents from the newly extracted ones.

For example, once extracted, the download for MyRewards contains another folder within it that is also called MyRewards. Move the internal (the second) MyRewards folder over to C:\FarmVilleBot_2.1\plugins\.

The Redundant Files Cleaner (properly known as IE Temp & Squid Cleaner & Remover) is not a plugin. Once extracted you can double click the FV_Cleaner file and use it to clean the file rubbish that builds up in the FVB directory.

The settings for some plugins change according to the farm the autoplayer is currently playing. When you first use a plugin, you might want to check whether it uses separate settings for the home farm and the English farm.

A note about SEA and FarmersUtilitieZ

SEA and FarmersUtilitieZ are plugin packages i.e their downloads contain multiple plugins.

The contents of SEA varies but currently includes

  • SEA_Foals
  • SEA_GlitchHolidayReward
  • SEA_GlitchPotions
  • SEA_Links
  • SEA_Potions
  • SEA_SendPresents
  • SEA_ShareBushels
  • ShareEmAll

The contents of FarmersUtilitieZ also varies but currently includes

  • FUZ_GbBuySell
  • FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw

As with the other plugins, copy the content of their extracted folders (not the container folder) over to FarmVilleBots plugins folder. For instance, extract FarmersUtilitieZ, browse its container folder then copy each of FarmersUtilitieZ, FUZ_GbBuySell and FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw over to c:\FarmVilleBot_2.1\plugins\.

Adding and Deleting Game Accounts

It’s easy to add new accounts for FarmVilleBot to play

  • Click “Accounts” at the top left of the Window
  • Click “Add”
  • Enter the login details for either your main account or an old dummy account
  • Click “Run”

Old accounts can be deleted a similar way

  • Select the tab for account you want to delete
  • Click Accounts
  • Click Delete

FVB Settings for deleted accounts are stored in the FVB directory so you can re-add deleted accounts with their settings intact just by following the instructions for adding a new account.

Making Coins

Method 1: SEA_GlitchHolidayReward

FarmVille frequently runs holiday events where some reward is issued to a player once a set of holiday themed tasks are successfully completed by the player.

The last holiday event was themed around FarmVille’s second birthday. The reward for its completion was a Blue Mained Gypsy horse. The reward is imaginatively known as a Holiday Countdown Reward.

SEA_GlitchHolidayReward creates FarmVille Holiday Countdown Reward neighbor reward links which can be collected by any account other than the one that generates them.

The current reward, the Blue Mained Gypsy horse, sells for 1,300 coins. This makes it the best item to gift to an account for the purpose of selling it and trading the earned coins for XP through the buying and selling of other items.

  • Choose an account to use for creating the Holiday Reward
  • Open the settings for SEA_GlitchHolidayReward
  • Set the number of rewards to create (50 is a nice figure)
  • Tick “Run GlitchCountdownHolidayRewards”
  • Click Save
  • Let the autoplayer run for one complete cycle
  • Open MyRewards and use the reward links with a neighbor account

The FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw plugin automatically generates the Holiday Countdown Rewards with one account, automatically collects the rewards with another account, sells the rewards then trades the coins for XP. Learn how to use it here.

Rewards created by the autoplayer expire quicker than those generated by natural game play. We created 50 reward links to decrease their likelihood of expiring prior to collection. Also, and this is something I’ve observed rather than been told, it seems that there is a limit on the number of neighbor rewards an account makes that can remain active at any one time. For example, if you make 50 rewards then all 50 will remain active until claimed; if you don’t claim them but make another 50 rewards then the first 50 seem to expire. Ditto if you make 100 rewards: only the most recent 50 or so of them remain active until either they are claimed or more are made. You will see what I mean when you experience it.

Method 2: SEA_Foals

The SEA_Foals plugin quickly generates foal links. Collected foals can be sold for 120 Coins each. Any FarmVille account can generate foals whether it has a horse stable or not.

  • Stop the autoplayer
  • Click the Plugins tab
  • Open SEA_Foals
    • Do not untick anything
    • Tick Run SEA Foals
    • Tick every available animal
    • Put the number 50 next to the first foal in the list
    • Click Save
  • Run the autoplayer for one complete cycle
  • Stop the autoplayer
  • Open SEA_Links
    • Click Show Links in Text File
    • Log into your dummy account’s Facebook account
    • Follow the instructions given here for formatting and opening multiple links simultaneously
  • Repeat to create another 50 foals

You will now have a dummy account with 100 foals collectively worth 12,000 coins.

Now sell the foals using the FvManager Plugin:

  • Open FvManager
  • Do not untick anything
  • Hit “Refresh”
  • Select the Sell tab
    • Put the quantity of foals to sell into the text box in the Sell/Place column
    • Click Submit Items
    • After clicking Submit Items, the numbers entered for the items to be sold will disappear. Do not worry about this. It is supposed to do this.
  • Select the Settings tab
    • Put a tick next to Automatically Start Jobs on the ‘To Do’ Tab
    • Click Update Settings
  • Select the To Do tab
    • Scroll to the page bottom and press Do Work
  • Restart the autoplayer and let it run for one cycle

As well as being able to sell farm property, FvManager can manage crafting recipes such as those made in the Winery, Bakery, Spa and Craft Shop. Experiment with the plugin to see what you can get it to do.

Method 3: MultiHarvest

MultiHarvest forces a chosen animal or tree to ripen over and over again. Harvesting trees or animals yields coins. Different animals and different trees give a different number of coins when harvested. In this example we will continuously ripen and harvest a foal. Foals give 80 Coins per harvest.

  • Choose an account to use MultiHarvest with
  • Stop the autoplayer for that account
  • Load the dummy account’s farm in a browser
  • Buy a Tool Shed and place it in a corner of the farm
  • Place one foal on the farm (see Method 1, above)
  • Close the farm
  • Restart the autoplayer for the account
  • Let the autoplayer complete one cycle before you continue to the next step. Do not stop the bot.
  • Open the MultiHarvest plugin
  • Set Number of Cycles to 100
  • Select the foal you just placed on the farm as the Animal/Tree
  • Set Log Every X… to “10”
  • Click Save
  • Each 100 cycle run will generate 8,000 Coins

Each time a foal is harvested it pays 80 coins. Some trees and animals pay more than 80 coins per harvest. At level 35, buy a Saddle Back Pig and use that instead of the foal (1,000 Coins per harvest) and at level 75, buy a Belted Cow and use that instead of the Saddle Back Pig (3,000 Coins per harvest).

MultiHarvest may also be used to master any tree or animal that is placed on the farm. Do this by setting the plugin to harvest a tree or animal as many times as are required to gain mastery of it. You can use FvManager to check the mastery status of any tree or animal.

Method 4: Toolbox

The Toolbox plugin has a function called FarmGold which works in a similar way to MultiHarvest but instead of ripening and harvesting animals and trees, it ripens and harvests the buildings that store them.

FarmGold works by removing an animal or tree from its storage place then returning it to storage. A glitch in the game causes an animal or tree to ripen when removed from storage and for the storage building to ripen for harvesting when animal or tree is placed back into it. FarmGold repeatedly harvests ripened objects and storage buildings.

The amount of coinage generated depends on the animals being harvested. There is a surprise side effect to this plugin which you will discover when you use it to harvest Dairy Farms (hint: check your neighbor reward links).

To use this method of FarmVille coin generation you will need one or more of any of the following buildings:

  • Horse Stable
  • Orchard
  • Nursery
  • Dairy Farm

Whichever building you use, it must contain at least one animal or tree. The more animals or trees a building contains, the more coins the plugin generates.

Not all animals and trees are equal: some yield more coins when harvested than others. For example, Belted Cows provide more coins than any other cow.

I recommend you use FarmGold to harvest a Dairy Farm filled with Belted Cows from level 75 onwards (Belted Cows can only be purchased once a player has reached level 75).

Here’s how to use FarmGold to harvest the Dairy Farm

  • Place a Dairy on your farm
  • Fill the Dairy with cows
  • Close your farm
  • Start the autoplayer
  • Let it run one or more cycles
  • Open the ToolBox plugin
  • Navigate to the FarmGold page
  • Look for where it asks “How many cycles do you want to perform with?”
  • Find where it says “DairyFarmBuilding”
  • Enter a number such as 500 or 1,000
  • Click Save Changes
  • Leave the autoplayer to run

Friend Rewards collected by the plugin can be viewed and shared with the MyRewards plugin or the SEA_Links plugin.

Foals for the nursery may be obtained using the SEA_Foals plugin from another account.

Building materials may be gathered using the ReGift plugin from another account.

Instructions for using SEA_Foals and ReGift are provided within this guide.

Making XP

The typical way to generate lots of XP is by trading coins for market items that reward XP when bought. Why should we try to do it any differently?

There are two plugins that rapidly buy and sell market items: Grifter and FUZ_GbBuySell.

Method 1: Grifter

Grifter is preferred because it automatically calculates which items to buy and the number of them to buy.

  • Open Grifter
  • Tick “Grifter to automatically calculate…”
  • Tick Grifter Turbo
  • Tick “Grifter to use smaller sized objects”
  • Click “Save Settings”
  • Leave the autoplayer running

If you wish to specify an item for Grifter to buy then I suggest you select the Waterwheel, state a quantity of them for Grifter to buy and tick “Grifter to keep manual values for each cycle”.

Watch the log output to ensure Grifter is functioning properly. Sometimes the plugin has to run a few cycles without “Grifter Turbo” being enabled before the turbo setting can be switched on.

I usually use MultiHarvest to generate coins and Grifter to spend them.

Method 2: FUZ_GbBuySell

FUZ_GbBuySell will buy and sell anything in large quantities whereas Grifter is limited to only buying and selling a set range of items.

  • Open FUZ_GbBuySell
  • Tick “Run GbBuySell”
  • Untick “Disable plugin after running”
  • Instruct the plugin to buy an affordable number of hay bales
  • Click “Save Settings”
  • Let the autoplayer run for one cycle
  • Refresh the “GbBuySell” plugin page
  • Instruct the plugin to sell the same quantity of hay bales as you set it to buy
  • Click “Save Settings”
  • The plugin will now buy and sell hay bales every bot cycle

Method 3: FarmGold

See Method 3 of Speedy Leveling.

Make a Neighborhood Quickie Mart

Several plugins make it possible for one account to gift items its neighbors. Two plugins require that the gifting account has an empty farm except for one hay bale. Those two plugins are ReGift and SEA_GlitchHolidayReward. It seems logical to me to create at least one account for the sole purpose of gifting items to other accounts. I call my gifting account my Neighborhood Quickie Mart. I advise you to make one too.

  • Create an account in the usual way. A guide to setting up a level 10 account is here.
  • Clear its farm of everything but one hay bale. The guide to clearing a farm is here.
  • Put the plain (yellow) hay bale at the farm’s bottom left corner.
  • Neighbor it with your other accounts.
  • Send it free gifts from your other accounts. Specifically the gifts that can be regifted from the gift box.

Now you have a Quickie Mart that can be used to send construction materials, consumables and other items to any of the accounts it is neighbored with.

This account can be leveled up too. An old account that already has a gift box full of regiftable items can be used. The only stipulation is that the Quickie Mart must have an empty farm (except for one hay bale in its  bottom left corner) otherwise Regift and SEA_GlitchHolidayReward will not work.

Automating Basic Game Tasks

Wouldn’t be much of an autoplayer if it didn’t visit neighbors, open Mystery Gifts, open Mystery Eggs or automatically add materials to buildings that are under construction.

Visiting Neighbours

Open the FvNeighbors Plugin

  • Do not untick anything
  • Click “Show/Hide Settings”
  • Increase the “Number of Neighbors to Help Per Cycle” to 300
  • Do not untick anything
  • Put a tick next to “Unwither Crops”, “Feed Chickens”, “Harvest Greenhouse”.
  • Click “Save Settings”

Opening Eggs and Gifts

Open the GiftBox plugin

  • Do not untick anything
  • Go to “Settings>General Settings
  • Select “On” next to “GiftBox Plugin On/Off”
  • Click “Save Changes”
  • Go to “Settings>Open Gifts”
  • Select to open all gifts from the top listed item (Mystery gift) to the last egg (Mystery Egg), inclusive.
  • Click “Save”

GiftBox is configured to automatically add available construction items to buildings and vehicles that are under construction by default. Use the ReGift plugin to gain construction items quickly.

Mastering Crops

Open the “Seeder” plugin

  • Do not untick anything
  • Put ticks next to Auto Mastery, Auto Co-Op, Auto Mastery Greenhouse, Harvest Greenhouse, Plant Seed for Running Quest
  • Change “Co-Op Mode” to “Guest”
  • Change “Mastery Order” to “Grow Time”
  • Click “Save”

Seeder will automatically participate in available co-op jobs. Just tell it which farm account to follow to activate co-op jobs.

Seeder will not automatically create plots so manually create as many plots as you can before running the plugin. Buy a tractor to make plot creation easier.

Collecting Game Rewards

FarmVilleBot automatically captures neighbor rewards as they are generated. These rewards can be viewed with the MyRewards and SEA_Links plugins. Ignore “Unknown” rewards because they rarely ever provide anything. All other rewards are usable.

  • In either plugin, click “Show Links” to open all rewards in Notepad
  • Paste the rewards into a message to whichever account you want to use them
  • Open the message and click through the links
  • Remember to clear the reward list once the rewards have been collected

Harvested rewards cannot be used by the account that collected them.

Reward links can be a pain to keep clicking. Fortunately, reward links can be opened quickly with the aide of an online URL Oopener. But before you can use the links in a URL opener you will need to format them to remove superfluous text.

Formatting the links requires you to copy and past a few regular expressions into a regular expression capable text editor. I recommend Edit Pad Pro (free download) or Kate (Linux only). These instructions are for Edit Pad Pro.

Open Edit Pad Pro and paste the reward links into the editor window then look at the bottom of the editor screen. For each of the search and replace patterns listed in the table below, put the “Search” pattern in the left text box (next to the looking glass) and the “Replace” pattern in the right text box (to the right of the first text box). After placing each search and replace pattern, click the magnifying glass with the small “a>b” mark on it to activate the search and replace instruction.

Purpose Search Pattern Replace Pattern
Remove the leading “#[number]” ^#\d+ (leave empty)
Remove leading whitespace ^\s(.*) \1
Remove lines beginning with numbers ^\d.* (leave empty)
Remove surplus linebreaks (\r)?\n(\r)?\n \n

Wherever the replacement pattern states “(leave empty)” leave the replacement field blank (not even a space should be entered in it).

Go to URL Opener (external site) and paste the newly formatted links into it. URL Opener will open all links simultaneously.

An alternative to using a URL opener is to use the Stealer plugin to automatically nab rewards from an account being played by the autoplayer. I will be honest, I can’t be bothered to mess around with Stealer’s settings to get it functioning. I have used it in the past but I’d rather not bother with it anymore.

Getting Building Materials and Consumables Quickly

Using ReGift

ReGift is one of those plugins that makes you step back and think, wow! this is going to save me a lot of clicking and my neighbors from a lot of nagging.

If you have one brick in one dummy account and you need 30 bricks for another account then ReGift is the plugin to use to turn one brick into 30 or 40 or 60 or 100… bricks.

ReGift is not limited to bricks or wooden boards or nails. It will regift any item in an accounts gift box that has a “Regift” button next to its image.

The only caveat: the account that Regift uses to produce links must be void of anything but 1 ordinary yellow hay bale placed at the lower left corner of its farm. So create a dummy account especially for regifting purposes and use it as you neighborhood Quickie Mart or Builders Merchant.

For the ReGift to work you must have at least one of the items you intend to regift in the gifting account’s gift box.

Here’s how to use ReGift:

  • Open the ReGiftLinks plugin
  • Click Run ReGiftLinks
  • Select the items you wish to regift
  • State the quantity of links for the plugin to make
  • Click Save
  • Leave FarmVilleBot to run a few cycles
  • Open MyRewards or SEA_Links
  • Use the generated links with the account that needs the gifts

There is no limit to the number of times an item can be regifted but there is a limit on the number of rewards an account can collect. I think the limit is 200 neighbor rewards per account. Feel free to correct me on that.

Speedy Building

Any building that requires construction materials like wooden boards, hinges, nails and blankets can be built within a few minutes if you do a bit of shopping at your Quickie Mart.

Let’s use the Stable as an example

  • Log into Facebook and load your farm
  • Buy a stable and place it on your farm
  • Make a note of the materials needed to construct it
  • Close your farm
  • Use the Regift plugin on your Quickie Mart account
  • Let the bot run for one cycle
  • Collect the links from MyRewards and use them for the account that needs materials
  • Run the autoplayer on the account that’s building the stable. The Giftbox plugin will automatically add the materials to the Stable.

The same method can be used to hasten the construction of any building.

Emptying a Farm

Some plugins require the use of an empty farm (except for one hay bale) to be used in order for them to work their magic. FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw and ReGift are two such plugins.

The quickest way to empty a farm is to use FarmVille Manager and Superplow.

Emptying a new farm (one with only plots on it):

  1. Buy and place one ordinary yellow hay bale in the bottom left corner of your farm
  2. Open the Superplow plugin
  3. Click “Go>>>” next to “Remove all plots on the farm”
  4. Start the autoplayer
  5. Stop the autoplayer after one complete cycle

If this is an old farm with animals, trees and plots on it:

  1. Open FarmVilleManager
  2. Click the Sell tab
  3. Click the Animal sub-tab
  4. Decide to either sell or store the animals listed
  5. Click “Sell/Store Animals”
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for the Building sub-tab
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for the Decoration sub-tab
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for the Vehicle sub-tab
  9. Click the To-Do tab
  10. Click “Do Work”
  11. Follow the instructions for emptying a new farm, above.

A farm must always have at least one item placed on it. If a farm is completely empty the game goes “out of sync” and the last item (or last few items) removed is restored i.e the last few game actions are forgotten.

Speedy Leveling

The methods used for leveling an account in the shortest time possible vary over time; and they change according to which level an account is currently at. The methods shown here are listed in preference order for taking an account from level 1 to level 75 then from level 75 to level 250.

Method 1: FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw

This plugin works with two or more accounts. It can take all accounts it is used on to level 75 within a couple of hours of running time. The instructions shown here assume the use of two accounts.

The sending account must have an empty farm except for one hay bale (see the instructions given for Emptying a Farm or creating a Quickie Mart). The receiver account does not need to be empty.

  • Disable all plugins but FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw and SEA_GlitchHolidayReward
  • Stop the autoplayer from running on any accounts
  • Start the autoplayer for the two accounts you wish to level up
  • Let the autoplayer run for one cycle
  • Open FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw in the first account (this is the empty “sender” account)
  • Click “Send to Partner”
  • Use the dropdown box to select the second account’s ID
  • Open FUZ_GlitchSeeSaw in the second account (this is the “receiver” account)
  • Click “Receive From Partner”
  • Use the dropdown box to select the first account’s ID
  • Click “Save Settings”
  • Leave the autoplayer running until both accounts are at level 75

We disable all but the two named plugins to speed up the operation of the bot. You can have other plugins active at the same time but I wanted to show you the quick way.

Both accounts can be used to send and receive gifts to and from each other but both must be have empty farms for this to be done.

Method 2: FarmGold and Grifter

The instructions for using FarmGold and Grifter are given in the Making Coins (Method 4) and Making XP (method 1) sections, respectively. Here’s an abridged guide to using them together to quickly take an account from level 75 to level 250 within a few hours running time.

This method requires the use of one account.

  • Login to Facebook and load FarmVille in your browser
  • Buy one Dairy Farm
  • Buy one Belted Cow (or more if you can afford more)
  • But the Belted Cow(s) into the Dairy Farm
  • Close the game window
  • Load the autoplayer
  • Open ToolBox
  • Select FarmGold
  • Select the DairyFarm
  • Set it to harvest it 1000 times
  • Save the settings
  • Open Grifter
  • Tick the top three boxe
  • Save the settings
  • Leave the autoplayer to run until it reaches level 250

There are currently no quicker ways to take an account to level 250.

Method 3: FarmGold and Grifter 2

This works by harvesting a stable multiple times for its “100 XP” rewards. The great point about this method is that the XP rewards can be shared with other accounts via the MyReward plugin.

You will need an account with a stable filled with horses. You can build a stable and fill it with Blue Mained Gypsy horses in under ten minutes.

  • If  you don’t have a stable construct one as shown here
  • If your stable is not filled with high value horses, use the SEA_GlitchHolidayReward plugin on your Quickie Mart to generate enough horses to fill it
  • Open ToolBox and select FarmGold
  • Set FarmGold to harvest your stable 1,000 times per cycle
  • Set Grifter to automatically buy and sell items from the market

You will earn more coins if you have a stallion in your stable. Some players say that a stable produces more XP when the stallion is removed; I’m not so sure.

The account running FarmGold will automatically consume the generated XP. A lot of Farmhands and Arborists will be generated so use GbBuySell to get rid of them.

Decrease the number of harvests per cycle to 100 if you intend to share the XP rewards. This will prevent the rewards from expiring prior to collection.

Extra Tips

Maximum Level for Earning FV Cash

FarmVille Cash is not rewarded to players for level increases beyond level 250.

Checking Account Stats

There’s no need to stop FarmVilleBot to check an account’s level. Just do one of the following

  1. Watch FVB’s output in the “Log” tab
  2. Refresh “Seeder”. Account details are displayed at the top left
  3. Periodically refresh the “FarmStats” plugin

Making Horses

There are a couple of ways to make a few horses for your stable. The six ways that I am aware of are:

  1. Create Blue Mained Gypsies using SEA_GlitchHolidayReward.
  2. Grab Silver Ponies using Easy iPhone Items.
  3. Get a Mustang with the Mustang Quest plugin.
  4. Send yourself brown horses from your Quickie Mart with ReGift.
  5. Perpetually harvest the nursery using FarmGold.
  6. Gift them from a dummy account using the FV earned using the autoplayer.

More Autoplayers to Choose From

FarmVille autoplayers are essential for managing multiple accounts or for just playing the game quickly when you’re in a rush. Here are the ones I know about.

  • Farmville Helper
    • Free
    • Does the same as FarmVilleBot but lacks multiplayer functionality
  • Nessuno.Org
    • Free
    • Small script that only plows plots, plants crops and harvests crops.
    • Has to be run manually
  • FarmVille Extreme
    • Does the same as FarmVille Helper but has one added bonus: it will artistically landscape your farm
    • Costs $9.99

My recommendation is FarmVilleBot but if you want to turn a farm into an artistic masterpiece that can win competitions you will need to use FarmVille Extreme.

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