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FarmVille Horsestable

Yes, this article is about S E X. Even better, it is about passionate animal sex in FarmVille. So get cozy and be prepared to get crazy with your horses. In this little guide you will learn how we do it in The Ville.

What you are about to learn is better known as stable stuffing. So if you ever see status updates that read “I stuffed my stable last night.” or “Are you ready for a bit of stable stuffing?” then its author is probably talking about making foals for his neighbors. If its author is on about anything else, let me know.

Here are some more definitions that you need to know:

  • stable stuffing is the act of breeding multiple foals
  • stable stuffers are usually called breeders
  • male horses are called stallions and studs
  • female horses are called mares
  • mares that set studs stuffing mares are called seeders
  • the mother of a foal is called its dam
  • the father of a foal is called its sire
  • stock horses are the mares you most want to breed

Stable stuffers need a stable, a stallion, stock horses and seeders before they can breed foals.

The Method: Stuffing the Stable

Breeding foals is very easy:

  1. empty your stable of everything but a stallion
  2. line your mares up outside your stable
  3. wait for your mares to become 34% or more ready for harvesting
  4. add one mare to your stable
  5. wait for the pink “harvest” bubble to show above the stable
  6. harvest the stable
  7. share the reward
  8. add another mare
  9. repeat steps 4, 5, 6 and 7

Now you know the basics of breeding, here are some tips:

Tip One: Keep a Hold of Your Mares

Try to keep a clear space next to your sable for your mares to rest in. The closer they are to your stable the less you have to move your mouse to put them into it. Breeding with 40 mares is no fun when  you have to chase around catching them.

Tip Two: Breed Your Best Stock

There are common brown, black and cream draft horses which anybody can get and breed for brown, black and cream foals so nobody wants them. Buy special horses from the market for FV and breed them. The special horses are your stock horses.

Adding a mare into the stable only makes the stable ready for harvesting. In other words, the mare you put in gets the stallion randy, he’s not bothered which mare he grabs. This is why we call some mares seeders: they seed the stable with an air for breeding.

Put your stock horses such as the Percheron, Autumn Mare, Candy Cane, Knight Steed or Clydesdale into the stable ahead of your common “seed” mares.

When organizing your mares ready for breeding, separate them into two groups:

  • seeders
  • stock horses

Then add your mares to the stable in this order:

  • stock horses first
  • seeders last

Remember to harvest after adding each mare.

Increase your stallion’s chances of siring in demand foals with your stock horses by removing the seeder after every harvest. Keep the stock horses in the stable until after the breeding session is completed.

Common Horses

Stock Horses

Tip Three: Hungry for XP

Your stable will produce more XP if there is no stallion in it. Harvesting your stallionless stable will produce XP, arborists, farm hands, fewer coins and no foals.

Tip Four: Getting Your Stallion

This has to be the question I am asked most: “Where can I get a stallion?” My usual response is…. no, I’m corny but not that corny!

There four ways to get a stallion:

  1. your Facebook newsfeed
  2. seasonal event rewards
  3. the market
  4. by playing the mystery game

Wandering stallions are periodically found on farms and shared in the newsfeed. Wandering stallions are temporary visitors who remain within a stable for as long as they are given mares to play with. Whenever you see a wall post that says neighbor xyz found a “Wandering Stallion” or “Help the Stallion” click it to place the stallion in your stable.

The alternative ways to get a stallion are to buy one, win one in the mystery game or to  earn one when they are offered in seasonal events. These stallions are permanent. My stallion is a Snow Stallion that I earned during the Christmas Tree event. Permanent stallions are rarely offered so when you see one you think you can get you should try and grab it.

It is easier to find wandering stallions if you use the Friendly Gaming Simplifier discussed in this JournalXtra article. Once the plugin is installed, select FarmVille as the game posts to monitor, view the game posts it finds, click view all, search for a stallion then click it to collect it.


Tip five: Saving Space

Not all horses are of equal size. When you have 60 or more horses you will soon notice how much valuable space they take up. Ponies and cream mini horses are smaller so use them for seeders. Replace the larger seed horses for them as soon as you can. Cream mini horses are best because they are smallest and cuter.

Where can I get lots of ponies?

Your question has risen to open eyes. They can be reared in the nursery from pony foals and they can be obtained by converting wandering and lost animals.

How do I convert wandering and lost animals?

Use the FarmVille Lost Animal Converter. It’s available here and will convert any dairy calf, lost or wandering animal link into one of several other animals. Either scan your news feed for lost animal and dairy calf awards or use Friendly Gaming Simplifier (FGS) to find them. If using FGS, select it to display details so you can see the name of the neighbor who posted the animal then use Facebook to search for the wall the lost animal link is on. Do not click the link, right click it, copy it then paste it into the converter.

Once a link is converted, the converter will display several links for the different animals it offers. Choose carefully, one one of the links may be used; and that link may only be used once. That is to say, once a link has been chosen and used, all the other links it displays become redundant.

The Lost Animal Converter will convert your links for use by other FarmVille players and other FarmVille player’s links for your usage. Using the link will take the user directly the his or her farm without any confirmation message. The collected animal is put directly into the giftbox.

Where do I get cream mini horses?

These need to be raised in the nursery from cream mini foals. My nursery is filled with cream mini foals so I get a new cream mini horse whenever I harvest it.

Preferred Seeders

The Benefits of Breeding

Stable stuffing has multiple benefits:

  • coins
  • XP
  • farm hands
  • arborists
  • foals

Coins are given whenever the stable is harvested. Any of 100 XP, 1 farm hand, 1 arborist and 1 foal may be awarded with the coins at random intervals too. Foals are only awarded when a stallion is present in the stable with a mare.

The quantity of coins received varies according to the breeder’s level in FarmVille. Lower level farmers receive fewer coins than higher level farmers. The quantity of coins received maxes out at level 100 (the highest attainable level in FarmVille). Coins are only ever given to the breeder. The other items may be shared with neighbors through Facebook feed posts.

Be kind to your neighbors when you breed and they will regularly visit your wall. Build up good relationships with them and they will send you gifts, give you game tips and lock their wall posts for you so only you (and their select other friends) may collect their best neighbor rewards.

Do you have questions or tips of your own that can help other FarmVille players? Don’t be shy, add a comment below :)

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