Game Guide: The Last One Game Cheats and Tips

Kill zombies deader than dead in The Last One, a game on Facebook by Progrestar. There are few cheats and tips available on the web so I guess this is the first and only proper The Last One game guide and tutorial. Billed as the scariest game, The Last One is an RPG zombie apocalypse … Read more

FarmVille Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Using an Autoplayer

FarmVille Logo

Using an autoplayer is the quickest way to dominate the FarmVille world. I recommend FarmVilleBot because it is fast, regularly updated, has an active user and developer forum and it plays multiple accounts simultaneously. These instructions for using FarmVilleBot will gently guide you through its installation and configuration as well as show you how to … Read more

Zynga Suspends FarmVille Gift Sending

Zynga suspended gift sending from the FarmVille market place today. It comes as no surprise given that the past few days have been awash with farmers taking advantage of a glitch in the game that enabled them to spend FV cash over and over again to repeatedly send market gifts to their neighbors. The FarmVille … Read more