Free Speech Bubble Brushes for GIMP

24 Lovely Speech Bubbles
Saying "Hello" in 24 Languages

For all you cartoonists out there, I’ve created a series of 24 speech bubble (callout) brushes for GIMP. Alright, so there was a selfish motive behind them – I needed them for a graphic I put together for an article but the point is I have made them available for everybody else to use too. As I said, there are 24 speech bubbles just waiting for you to give them a voice. They are all free to download and are issued under the Creative Commons Public Domain license so you can use them in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

[wpdm_file id=”7″]

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Wonderful! I was looking for this like any thing. Thanks a ton!


greta, thx


Thanks you just saved me and my artcollege deadline ^^

 You’re very welcome :)

Thanks a lot for the beautiful speech bubbles, they were very useful!


Where to extract the zip files??? PLeas Give the path…

Thank you so much for sharing! These are great!
For those looking where to unzip the files, in ubuntu you could try this folder: ~/.gimp-2.6/brushes


Hi, I saw that the code for download is wrong, can you fix it, please?