Virus Email Alert

Warning: bugs in the system - those damn there critters!
Warning: Bugs in the System!

Just a quick post to do two things: one, let you know I’m still about and, two, to alert you all to a new email scam that is doing the rounds. As the first item is self-evident, I’ll jump into the email virus warning.

If any of you receive an email entitled “Please look my CV. Thank you” and the message inside reads:


I have figured out that you have an available job.
I am quiet intrested in it. So I send you my resume,

Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you.

Then please be aware that the attached zip file might contain a virus.

I have just received such an email and knowing I have not recently requested people to send me their CVs (Resumes) I checked it out for viruses and sure enough the attached zip called My_Resume_195 contained a Windows executable called My_Resume_195.exe which is a cover for the virus file

I do not know what kind of nasty little things the virus inflicts onto Windows PCs but I suspect they are not friendly.

For those who are interested, the email sender was Sally Oakes, [email protected].

The sender name and email address are likely spoofs or the email account hacked. I know what it is like to have an email account hacked as it recently happened to one of my Yahoo! email addresses. You’ll be reading all about that in a few days time because I have a lot to say on the lack of Yahoo’s understanding of email hacking and customer needs.

On another note, I apologize for not posting the past week and half. I have no excuse except for a nasty little bug I caught somewhere a few weeks back and have been fighting off since. Normal service will resume soon.

That’s it for this virus email alert. Safe browsing my friends :)

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