The Joys of Testing IE Compatibility..

Market share for mobile web browsers Oct 2013

..and forgetting IE7 and IE8 do not support media queries for responsive design… Agghhhh!!! Internet Explorer is not used on many screens with a width below 980 pixels so responsive design is not my top priority for IE users. For personal sites I do very few Internet Explorer compatibility tests. Why should I waste hours … Read more

Sooooo Glad we Changed Hosts

We moved to Namecheap from Hostgator a month ago. We moved because the ‘new’ servers provided by HG had been running very slowly and were causing our websites to go off-line. Not good for business. Not good for our readers. Today, we find all Hostgator servers in the Provo datacenter and ll Bluehost servers hosted … Read more

PayPal Email Scam Alert

Most email scams are easy to spot but there is a new PayPal email scam that’s a lot better put together than the usual rubbish. The email looks very official and the stated purpose of the email is plausible. I can see a lot of people being caught out by it. The email subject reads … Read more

Is Google Screwing Up?

No one can escape Google’s relentless tweaks to catch spam and build search result accuracy. No one! Not even WPMU and JournalXtra. Panda, Penguin, Parrot… Okay, I made the last one up but the point is that Google is screwing up. When Penguin was released, WPMU’s traffic dropped from over 8,000 daily visits to under … Read more

I’m Seething! MoneyGram is a Pain in the Ass!

Have you ever used MoneyGram? I needed to pay some money to a friend in Moldova for services he’s provided to one of my businesses. Watch this bit carefully: the services have already been provided and I want to pay for those services that have already been provided. This is a genuine transaction. Why have … Read more