Give Your MarketPress Shopping Cart the Grid View Treatment

MarketPress from WPMU is a wonderful shopping cart with lots of display options and payment gateways. It’s excellent for selling shippable and downloadable goods. I rate it above WooCommerce and other expensive shopping carts. But MarketPress lacks one huge (often essential) component: it has no gridview.

Without gridview you can’t display goods side-by-side as clickable thumbails. Adding gridview to MarketPress is easy with a bit of CSS know-how.

Put the following CSS in your child theme’s style.css file and you’ll have MarketPress from WPMU with gridview product display.

Edit the CSS width and height values according to need.

I recommend MarketPress above most other shopping carts. It is less pricy than WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce. MarketPress has many features like payment gateway connection as standard instead of as addons that need to be bought. The only other shopping cart I use is WP e-Commerce and I only use that when a client requires something close to Magento in WordPress.

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